How to Care For a Dog With Broken Ribs

By BobJ Jun30,2022
how to care for a dog with broken ribs
how to care for a dog with broken ribs

If your dog has broken ribs, you may be wondering how to care for it at home. Fortunately, the most common way to heal a rib fracture is rest. By giving your dog plenty of rest, you can help it heal quickly and completely. You can also encourage rest by keeping your dog quiet. Your dog may also prefer certain positions to rest in. Be careful not to touch the ribs. Follow your veterinarian’s instructions before making any changes.

Your dog may have a punctured lung as a result of the broken ribs. If you suspect a punctured lung, take him to the nearest emergency pet hospital or veterinarian. They will examine the dog’s ribs and perform X-rays. If they are displaced or broken, your veterinarian may do an ultrasound to confirm that they are not inflamed. If they’re not, get emergency medical care for your dog immediately.

how to care for a dog with broken ribs

Your vet will first examine the broken limb to ensure it’s stable. The veterinarian may prescribe pain medication and/or a general anesthetic to stabilize the bone. Broken bones can also be dislocated, which means you can’t try to re-set them on your own. Instead, your vet will tell you what kind of rehab your dog needs to recover fully. Small dogs, especially teacup breeds, are also susceptible to fractured bones. They can also suffer a broken bone if you step on them, or if they fall on them.

The recovery time for a rib fracture is often weeks to months. Depending on the severity of the fracture, it may take more time than you think. The vet may recommend additional X-rays, a general health exam, and different types of analgesics. A broken rib is an extremely serious condition that should never be left untreated. You must seek the advice of a veterinarian if you suspect that your dog has a broken rib.

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