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Owning a dog makes the world less lonely. It gives immeasurable joy that even if you only have your dog as a companion, you know you are not alone. True to being man’s best friend, they give a certain kind of connection that we may never experience with humans. Sadly, gaining these benefits won’t last long. Dogs have shorter lives. If only we have the power to recreate them having life expectancy the same as humans, sure we’d all excitedly rush to create them. Sadly, reality bites. We cannot undo them, they remain to be short-lived. But the good news is, that we can do ways to extend their lives. How can we prolong their lives a little bit more? Let’s discuss that later. Meanwhile, let’s know first the difference in life span for small and large breeds


How many years do dogs live? The average life span of dogs is 10-13 years old. But other dogs can live shorter or longer than the mentioned average. There are a few factors affecting the morbidity of dogs. According to, researchers have studied that the size of the dog matters when it comes to life span. Thus, owning smaller dogs get to enjoy more years with their dog than owners of a large breed. Why? Because as per the study, large dogs grow faster and age quickly so they might acquire age-related illnesses and wear out sooner than smaller dogs. Other factors affecting the span of life dogs have are the kind of environment the dog lives, genetic makeup, and the kind of breed.



Different types of breeds have different life spans. For example, Saint Bernard which is a large dog has a life expectancy of 5-8 years. German Shepherd on the other is a large dog whose life span is only 10 years on average. Now let’s see for smaller breeds. Smaller breeds just like a dachshund and a toy poodle have an average life span of 13 years. Miniature dachshunds and miniature poodles which are also small breeds even may reach 14 years life span. These samples of large and small breeds of dogs show that smaller dogs live longer than large dogs. (


Despite the differences in life span, some live longer but others are shorter, the same idea remains that we can’t keep our fur babies for a lifetime. They were created naturally short-lived. Again, this is the saddest part for every dog owner, letting go of and accepting that dogs are made to be with us temporarily. The good thing about knowing this is that we can make the most out of those years that we may have with them. There are ways we can do to ensure that they have the longest and healthiest life possible.


First on the list, is a proper diet for dogs. Just like humans, having a healthy balanced diet helps to lengthen our life span. The less we intake food the more we live longer. Eating too much even in dogs would result in obesity which makes you more prone to other diseases. The same is true with dogs. So the next time your dog asked you for food, be careful about what kind of food you give them. I understand the temptation of feeding them anything they want, but we as fur parents should take caution on the proper meal that suits them.


As humans, we eat what we want but should know how to lose those fats after eating too much. The same applies to dogs, they also need sufficient exercise. You can tag them along when you are jogging in the morning or just simply brisk walking at night in the park. Exercise will also make our dogs healthy and lowers their stress levels. This will then help our dogs lengthen their days with us since they are less prone to acquiring illnesses.


We can also ensure that our dogs are healthy and will live longer if we regularly visit our veterinarian to check and monitor their health. By keeping a regular schedule to visit their vet, we can detect early signs of illnesses and address them immediately before it gets worst and out of hand. Also, seeing their doctors regularly would mean they have updated vaccinations against different illnesses and they will be provided with the needed vitamins and supplements that they need. If we do this, we can evade premature and sudden or unexpected death.


Last on the list, but not least, is proper care. Yes! Even if everything above is provided but we don’t show them that we care and love them, their life span will surely decrease. They are dependent creatures, they love assurance and they are made to be taken care of, so owning a dog is not for everybody. One must know the risks and responsibilities involved in owning one. So, be a responsible dog owner.


We can’t erase the fact that our most loved dog will just be with us for a time, so why not make it worthwhile. Enjoy every memory with them, give them the proper care and attention they need, and they will remember all your love and sacrifices for them by being loyal to you as long as they live. Lastly, our pet canines are living much longer than the dogs of just 40 years ago because of better food and regular healthcare.


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