How to Care For a Broken Dew Claw

By BobJ Jul1,2022
how to care for a broken dew claw
how to care for a broken dew claw

If your dog has a broken dew claw, you should immediately see a veterinarian. Although it is possible to repair the nail yourself, this can be very time consuming and can become infected and difficult when the nail is connected to bone. It is best to have a professional do the work so that it will be treated properly. Here are some things to remember when taking care of your dog’s dew claw:


A broken dew claw can occur in a variety of animal species, including coyotes and domestic dogs. It is important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent dirt from entering the paw and to monitor any blood loss. Dogs may also suffer from a torn dew claw during an accident or during a fight. If the injury is not severe enough to require hospitalization, you can perform a home surgical procedure to trim the claw.

A styptic pencil or powder can be used to seal the wound. You can also use a lint-free cloth to apply pressure to the area until the bleeding stops. If this treatment does not stop the bleeding, contact a vet immediately to avoid further complications. If the break is severe, a vet can give you more information about surgery. You should also seek the advice of a veterinarian if the injury is not treatable at home.


Broken dew claws can cause blood and infection. Your veterinarian will likely trim or remove the broken claw. Afterwards, keep the dog warm and apply pain medication as needed. While most broken dew claws are not serious, they are painful. The blood supply to your dog’s nail is quite small, so preventing infection is important. Follow the guidelines below to prevent a broken dew claw in your dog.

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In the first few days after your dog has sustained a broken dew claw, you should bring it to the vet to get it checked. The vet will be able to examine the damaged area and provide pain medication. You can also clean the wound at home using gauze and a bandage. Remember, an infected dew claw can lead to severe bleeding. You should also consult your vet for any infections.


The first step in treating a dog’s broken dew claw is to ensure that the nail is not infected. The broken dew claw will look dislocated, causing it to snag on loose soil and carpets. Applied to the entire nail, the styptic powder works to stop the bleeding. Apply pressure until the bleeding stops. The powder also helps reduce blood loss. It may also calm your dog.

The broken dew claw is very painful for your dog and will probably require some veterinary care. A broken dew claw injury requires immediate veterinary treatment, and bleeding around the wound is common but is not necessarily indicative of infection. If the bleeding does occur, your veterinarian will trim the nail above the break and apply pain medication to the affected area. Your vet can recommend the best course of treatment for your dog.


Regardless of how the broken dew claw has happened, it is important to know how to treat the pain that accompanies it. The dew claw is a small ring of bone and muscle that is attached to the leg. Since it’s less tightly attached than other nails, it is susceptible to injury. In some cases, a torn or broken dew claw may result in bleeding and need to be treated immediately.

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One of the first steps to treating a broken dew claw in a dog is to apply styptic powder. Apply it to the entire nail and press on it with a lint-free cloth. Apply pressure until bleeding stops. Styptic powder can also be used to stop the bleeding. It may also soothe your dog and reduce the pain. However, it is not recommended to use this method if it causes your dog to bleed excessively.


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