How to Crate Train Your Shelter Dog

By BobJ Jun30,2022
how to crate train your shelter dog
how to crate train your shelter dog

If you are wondering how to crate train your shelter dog, you aren’t alone. Hundreds of people have had trouble with their dog’s separation anxiety and would like to know how to crate train their dogs. This article will discuss some of the most important tips to successfully crate train your shelter dog. By following these tips, you can begin the training process immediately and give your dog the freedom it craves.

It’s best to begin by crate training your dog on a Friday night. This way, your dog will be aware that training has begun. You can start by putting food and water in the crate. Start by pushing the food in farther each time. Be sure to praise him for every milestone, but don’t punish him by locking him up in his crate constantly. You don’t want your dog to get apprehensive when you latch the door.

Don’t punish your dog for whining. When a dog gets stuck in the crate, h

how to crate train shelter dog

e or she will most likely bark for around 20 minutes. By ignoring the whine, you will be reinforcing the behavior. Never let your dog out of the crate because he or she is whining. Instead, reward your pup for being calm and behaving in the crate.

The introductory phase should last anywhere from two to seven days. During the introductory phase, give your dog treats or praise when he behaves in the crate. This will give your dog positive associations with the crate and will help him or her associate it with positive feelings. The next phase is usually about one to two weeks long. A dog can get accustomed to the crate after two to seven days.

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By BobJ

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