Doggy Day Care Upper West Side

By BobJ May11,2023

doggy day care upper west side

As the pandemic winds down, pet parents are getting ready to return to work and school. Unfortunately, day cares and dog walkers were often booked solid during this period; waiting lists can often extend months into the future; consequently, many pups experienced separation anxiety by tearing up baseboards or chewing on furniture they shouldn’t. Dog trainers have become overwhelmed with requests from clients looking for assistance teaching their frantic pups how to behave when their human is absent.

Mitch Marrow, founder of Spot, an Upper West Side doggie day care and grooming facility, understands this dilemma all too well. Following his NFL career, Marrow went into hedge fund management where he often worked 14-hour days. Concerned that his St Bernards and Bullmastiff weren’t receiving sufficient exercise or attention, Marrow searched for somewhere he could drop them off for day care but couldn’t find one meeting his high standards – eventually creating his own facility instead.

Marrow’s facility offers a cozy, homelike environment that’s ideal for both large and small breeds of dogs alike, featuring playrooms arranged according to size and temperament. Each playroom is monitored by experienced dog walkers and trainers who keep an eye on all their pups during daycare sessions (prices range from $40 per half-day session up to $52 for full days with sibling discounts available). They also provide overnight boarding as well as doggie spa services!

NYC Pooch takes an entirely different approach than many dog walkers; treating each client like family from day one. Their professionals get to know your pup’s unique characteristics so they can interact in ways that make him or her feel safe and loved during walks. Plus, they send Pup Reports after every walking session along with photos taken during that time together!

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Brandon Brown, an Upper West Side resident and Benterprise manager on the Upper West Side, takes great pleasure in building relationships between dogs and their owners. He makes it a point to ensure each one feels safe in their environment – something especially essential when socializing new puppies with lots of people around!

Biscuits and Bath’s 11 locations across NYC provide off-leash exercise and socialization in an unrestrained, cage-free environment – ideal for your pup. At each location of NY Veterinary Practice’s locations, your dog will undergo an on-site New Dog Integration and Behavior Evaluation in order to be placed with the most suitable group during their stay. Services available include daycare, grooming, training and overnight boarding. Vaccinations/Records Needed: All dogs must be up-to-date on their vaccinations, including Rabies, DHPP/DAPP and Bordetella. For more information regarding requirements or scheduling an appointment with one of their staff here (first consultation free!), visit their website here.

By BobJ

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