Doggy Day Care Upper East Side

By BobJ Jun2,2023
Doggy Day Care Upper East Side
Doggy Day Care Upper East Side

While you’re away, keeping your dog entertained may prove challenging. They could become bored and destructive or lack enough physical exercise; studies suggest this lack of activity may even increase anxiety levels and behavioral issues in dogs – this is why it is vitally important to find a local pet care service you can rely on for their daily needs.

Finding someone you trust with your beloved pup can be challenging. Finding an experienced doggy day care upper east side provider such as PetBacker makes all the difference when it comes to keeping your furry family member happy and healthy while you’re away. Through PetBacker, you can rest easy knowing your beloved pooch will be taken care of with professional sitters who understand his or her needs – so you don’t have to worry.

PetBacker bookings also provide daily photo or video updates and dog walk monitoring to make sure that your pet is receiving proper care and getting enough exercise. Furthermore, payment for each job completed satisfactorily is held securely in escrow so you can be rest assured knowing your home and belongings are secure while away. This protects from fraud or scams while giving peace of mind while being away.

New York Dog Spa & Hotel at Flushing’s NY Puppy Club provides your pup with a safe and fun environment to socialize and exhaust excess energy while you’re gone. Their facilities are open seven days a week and separated into groups according to size, temperament and energy levels; prior to their first visit a behavioral assessment is conducted to make sure they fit with the appropriate group. They provide overnight hotel stays, walking training services as well as grooming.

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Dogma Daycare offers cage-free care, perfect for pups who adore attention from staff members. Dogs are separated according to personality and energy level, enabling you to monitor their activities through their online portal. Packages are offered Monday – Friday 8am-7pm, with Saturday/Sunday hours running 9:30am-6pm.

All Dogma locations are licensed by both city and state authorities, requiring written proof that your pup has received his/her DHLP, parvo and rabies vaccinations prior to enrolling them at daycare. Note that Thanksgiving and Christmas daycare services will not be offered.

By BobJ

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