is 4 health dog food good

When shopping for premium dog food, be sure that its ingredients are of high quality – this is especially essential if your pup has special dietary requirements or allergies. Higher-grade brands typically cost more than standard ones – however 4 health dog food could be a worthwhile alternative as its private label brand by Tractor Supply Company claims its premium pet foods are 20% less costly.

Diamond endorses most of the formulas in this line, which is an encouraging sign. Their food features quality proteins and healthy fats while providing your dog with plenty of fruits and vegetables to support a strong immune system. While some recipes might have lower protein levels than expected, most have enough for an adequate energy boost.

The 4health Original Performance line contains adequate protein and fat levels to meet the needs of active puppies and adult dogs of average activity levels, from puppies through adult dogs. They even offer small breed and healthy weight formulas in this series. There’s even an all-grain-free option available if that’s an issue for you; their variety of recipes caters to various lifestyles and sizes of canines is definitely worth taking a closer look!

One of the top choices from this line is their lamb and ocean fish meal recipe, packed with protein and featuring healthy fat sources like chicken fat and salmon oil. Furthermore, it provides ample antioxidant-rich fruit and veggies that support immune health while offering anti-inflammatories – the only downside being beet pulp which may just serve as filler in their diets.

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Another fantastic food option from Wellness is their turkey and potato formula for adult dogs, which offers great value. Not only is this option less costly than similar offerings from this line but also contains ample amounts of meat protein – with only peas or pea flour present as potential downsides that might compromise heart health.

Finally, 4health Strive dog food is an ideal option for active dogs. Packed full of animal proteins and free from corn, wheat and soy, it also contains taurine which has numerous health benefits for working dogs as well as those at risk for dilated cardiomyopathy. Although slightly higher in fat content than its competitors, 4health Strive still makes an excellent choice for active pups!

4health offers an impressive variety of formulas designed specifically to cater to each canine’s individual needs, from fish-and-potato for adult dogs to chicken and rice for adults, puppy/small breed formula, healthy weight formula, as well as artificial color or flavor-free recipes that don’t use chicken by-product meals in their recipes.

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