What to Expect From a Dog Training Course

By BobJ May15,2023

dog training course

No matter whether your aim is professional dog training or simply to build stronger bonds between yourself and your own pet, learning the methods for conditioning their behavior should be at the top of your priority list. A good training course should teach how to utilize lure, shape and verbal marker training techniques effectively for maximum results.

An effective dog training course should also cover a range of other topics relating to canine ownership and behavior, including socialization and body language reading for socialization purposes; temperament vs personality distinctions; as well as how to identify canine behaviors and characteristics innate within each dog.

The best online dog training courses are created to be easy for both you and your pup to follow and implement, making the best use of both time and money spent. They should provide clear instructions, examples and support from community members whenever necessary; additionally, good programs should offer money back guarantees so you can give it a try risk-free.

Most dog training schools require that dogs enter classes wearing a flat, rolled collar and non-retractable leash of four to six feet in length; however, some schools may permit face collars, body harnesses, no-pull/non-retractable harnesses, clickers or face harnesses as acceptable alternatives.

Basic Obedience (for dogs 5 months and older). This class serves as an introduction to basic obedience commands and works in an outdoor, natural setting with plenty of distractions to build duration for sit, down, come, leave it and loose leash walking.

Puppy Training for puppies aged between 4-16 weeks). This introductory course focuses on socialization, basic obedience training and creating an awesome relationship with your pup!

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Reactive Dog (leash aggression, barking and lunging). These classes are specifically tailored to help owners of growly dogs or reactive rover begin the process of behavior modification for their pooch or Rover.

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Training and Certification is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to bring their pet on public outings or apply for therapy dog positions. In this class, real-life training scenarios will be practiced, before your pup is tested on his basic obedience skills and impulse control at the conclusion of the course.

K9TI provides on-demand access to video lessons by Susan Briggs and Robin Bennett, The Dog Gurus, as well as an active community of dog lovers that allows users to ask questions and find support. In addition, free workshops hosted by Dr. Alex Diaz (one of the top dog behaviorists) and Eric Presnall (host of Animal Planet’s Who Let the Dogs Out?) may also be held periodically; and should any content dissatisfy you there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee in case this disappoints them

By BobJ

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