A Dog Car Harness Can Keep Your Pet Safe and Comfortable During Trips

By BobJ Mar22,2023

dog car harness

Whether you have a new pup or a seasoned traveler, a dog car harness can help keep your pet safe and comfortable during trips. These harnesses connect to your seat belt at multiple points, spreading the force of a crash over a wider area.

If you’re just starting to introduce a seat belt harness to your dog, be sure to start with short rides around the neighborhood or local parks. This will make them more accustomed to the restraint and will keep them from feeling stressed or uncomfortable during your drive.


A dog car harness can save your pet’s life in the event of a collision. In fact, six states require it to be used whenever your dog is in the vehicle.

In addition to protecting your furry friend in the event of an accident, a dog car harness will help keep your dog in their seats during rides as well as prevent them from jumping into the front seat. A good dog car harness also prevents your dog from hopping out of the window and into the road.

When buying a dog car harness, it is important to ensure that you choose one with a lot of padding. This will protect your pet in the event of an accident and will also make the harness more comfortable on long trips.


If you have a dog who suffers from car travel anxiety, getting her used to a harness can make the process much easier. It takes time and a bit of practice, but your dog will soon be comfortable with it.

A good car harness should fit your dog perfectly. Most of these crash-tested harnesses have sizing charts and fitting recommendations, so read through them before you buy to ensure you get the right fit.

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The most important feature of a dog car harness is that it will connect to your vehicle’s seat belt at more than one point, which spreads the impact of an accident over a larger area. Having more connection points will also help your dog feel secure, as it’s less likely to be tempted to move around in the event of a crash.


A dog car harness is one of the most important pet safety products you can buy. It protects your dog during a crash, provides comfort and ease of use, and can also be used as a regular harness to walk your dog.

Durability is the ability of a product to stand up to wear and tear and still work as intended. You want to make sure your harness has a padded chest plate, cushioning to prevent chafing and durable stitching and materials.

Kurgo has been designing and perfecting their line of dog car harnesses for over 20 years. They offer a lifetime guarantee and a selection of products that can help you and your dog travel together in comfort and safety.

The Sleepypod ClickIt Sport is our top pick for a dog car harness that’s safe, comfortable, and easy to use. It’s been crash tested for dogs up to 90 pounds, and it’s designed with a three-point seat belt contact design that spreads impact. It also comes with shock-absorbing sleeves for added safety during sudden stops and accidents.


Taking your dog for a car ride is often a fun and exciting experience. But for some pets, it can also be very scary.

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The best dog car harnesses are designed with comfort in mind. This means that they are padded for dog’s comfort and to distribute impact force as evenly as possible.

They will help keep your dog safe during a crash and may even prevent them from getting thrown from the car.

In addition to the safety features, many dog car harnesses are designed for ease of use and versatility. This can be useful if you have more than one dog and need to transport them between vehicles.

Kurgo’s Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness w/Seat Belt Tether is an excellent option for those looking for convenience and safety. It is engineered based on rock-climbing harnesses for world-class security and features a seat belt attachment and a no-pull style front D-ring leash for walking.

By BobJ

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