How Healthy Gums Can Tell You About Your Dog’s Health

By BobJ May15,2023

dog healthy gums

Gum tissue may not be your first stop when it comes to assessing your pet’s overall wellness, but this tissue can reveal much about their wellbeing. Color, texture and even temperature of their gums could indicate issues that require further investigation.

Healthy gums should have soft baby pink to salmon hues and an unyielding, wet texture. When pressed with your finger they should lighten slightly but quickly return back to their normal state – without bumps, irregularities or dryness.

If your pup’s gums have turned gray-blue in color, it could be indicative of something called cyanosis. Cyanoses is caused by your blood vessels not providing sufficient oxygen to their tissues – this could be the result of heart disease or respiratory conditions among other things.

Your dog may show signs of illness if its gums have turned yellow or golden color, which could indicate icterus; liver issues where too little red blood cells are being produced or destroyed as quickly as they should. Therefore it is crucial that you monitor their gums along with eyes, skin and lips closely for symptoms.

Your dog’s gums should be bright pink and firm when healthy. If they appear discolored or lack vibrancy, this may be an indicator of gingivitis or another dental issue.

Maintain a regular inspection schedule of your dog’s gums to detect changes in color, texture and firmness. If any indications arise that warrant further investigation or cleaning services, schedule an exam immediately in order to ensure healthy gums.

Maintaining healthy gums requires adopting consistent oral care routines such as professional dental cleanings, daily toothbrushing and approved dental chews. Regular brushing helps remove food debris such as plaque and tartar to protect against gum disease that could otherwise lead to tooth loss or serious infections. As part of their diet, it’s also essential that dogs receive nutritious foods which provide essential vitamins and minerals needed for gum health. Add bone broth as it contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that strengthen teeth and gums. Cranberries, kale and broccoli are excellent additions, being rich in antioxidants that can reduce chronic oxidative stress. Furthermore, you can find supplements rich in antioxidants like glycine, glutathione and superoxide dismutase that will ensure that your canine enjoys a long and happy life.

By BobJ

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