The Benefits of Working With a Dog Behavior Therapist

By BobJ May 21, 2023

dog behavior therapist

Pet owners frequently require assistance when it comes to correcting unwanted dog behaviors. These issues could range from as minor as jumping on guests or begging at the table to resource guarding, aggression toward humans or other dogs and barking and destructive chewing; and require more complex solutions than can be addressed through group classes; in these instances a specialist pet behaviorist would often be needed.

Though many people may attempt to address behavior issues on their own, this may not always be effective or feasible. When serious behavior issues arise, most veterinarians recommend working with a certified pet behavior professional who can develop and implement management or behavioral modification plans tailored specifically to address each case. These professionals have extensive knowledge in animal learning and behavior as well as access to an impressive arsenal of strategies backed up by scientific literature on animal learning and behavior.

Dog behavior specialists are well-equipped to assist pet owners in dealing with common behavioral issues like barking, house training and separation anxiety in their pet; but they’re also qualified to deal with more complicated ones that cannot typically be solved via group classes such as resource guarding, handling issues or aggression towards people or other animals that typically stems from fear or arousal issues.

Therapeutic service dogs have become an increasing interest for both pets and humans. Professionals dedicated to this field are highly-trained specialists capable of working with various populations and participants across multiple environments and activity types; while also making sure the expectations placed upon these animal are compliant with their welfare and well-being.

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Therapy dogs work in various environments and with different populations to assist those with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. Their interaction with humans is beneficial to both emotional and social development but can place undue stress on them; to minimize this risk it is advised that handlers take time periodically to evaluate their animal, especially after changes in population or environment or during retraining sessions, in order to assess participation levels and engagement of their pups.

Dogs are amazing companions that bring so much joy to so many. Their power of love and affection to heal is truly profound; however, their optimal performance cannot be expected when stressed or anxious. Dog behavior specialists aim to assist these special critters in becoming the most therapeutically functional animals possible, by addressing any behavioral issues they might be having and helping them become true service animals. First step to addressing problematic behavior should be consulting a veterinarian to rule out medical causes for it. Next step should be finding an appropriate pet behaviorist and evaluating their qualifications.

By BobJ

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