Online and In-Home Dog Training in Kansas City

By BobJ May21,2023

dog training kansas city

Dog training Kansas City involves teaching your canine obedience and behavioral skills. Owners can establish rules and boundaries, improving relationships between owner and pup as a result. Dog trainers in Kansas City include KC Elite, Newman’s Dog Training, Canine Dimensions as providers who can offer services for both puppies and older dogs alike.

There are various online and in-person dog training options available. Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace while in-person training provides personalized attention from an expert trainer. In either instance, it is wise to seek a professional who has been certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) so as to guarantee high-quality services.

All Dogs Unleashed in Kansas City is a comprehensive dog training company that offers various courses. Classes take place at their state-of-the-art facility, in clients’ homes and outdoor locations such as parks. Their philosophy focuses on making dogs independent from leashes when out and about in their busy urban city environment – which can come in handy!

KC Dawgz Dog Training Academy is an internationally acclaimed dog training business that serves both puppies and adult dogs. Their trainers offer basic obedience, behavioral issues and dog-to-dog aggression training services as well as teaching service animals for people with special needs to become companions and service animals for themselves. Mike, the owner of this acclaimed establishment has over two decades of experience with animal behavior as well as training from a top dog training academy.

The company provides online and in-home training, walk & train programs, private lessons and walk-and-train lessons for dogs of all breeds and ages. Their trainers have experience working with all breeds and ages of canines; classes offered can help owners address behavior issues like jumping, chewing, pulling on the leash and barking while obedience programs teach dogs to listen and respond appropriately to their owners.

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Dog Training KC offers online dog and owner training services via their website, offering videos and articles about behavioral training methods such as positive reinforcement or reward-based techniques; its instructors utilize tools and exercises to teach obedience training.

As one of the country’s leading dog training companies, they operate across both the US and Canada with offices. Their trainers are veterinary technicians with advanced degrees in animal behavior and training – experts in using humane techniques that minimize force or pain for training your canine companion. Their online course is completely free, featuring articles, video tutorials and webinars.

KC Pets provides professional dog training services for all breeds of canines. Their team of dog training experts can teach your pup to sit, stay, and walk loose leash; assist with other behaviors like aggression or fearfulness; as well as grooming services, daycare services and boarding needs.

By BobJ

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