Alpha Dog Nutrition’s Gut Health Supplement Review

By BobJ Jun8,2023
Alpha Dog Nutrition's Gut Health Supplement Review
Alpha Dog Nutrition's Gut Health Supplement Review

An effective gut microbiome helps your dog’s immunity, digestion and overall health. Imbalances in its bacteria often result in symptoms such as itchy skin, diarrhea, constipation and allergies; but often these issues can be corrected through diet or supplements without risky medications being needed to address them.

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract accounts for 70% of our immune system, making a properly functioning GI tract essential to overall health and wellbeing. Furthermore, nutrients vital to body functioning are absorbed via our GI tract; when not functioning optimally this can lead to nutritional deficiencies caused by an overly processed diet, antibiotics, stress or illness.

Thanks to probiotics and prebiotics, you can help restore balance to your pup’s gut microbiome by adding probiotics and prebiotics to their diet. Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria that help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and even protect against cancer; prebiotics provide nourishment to support and promote the growth of existing beneficial bacteria within their digestive tracts.

Probiotic-rich foods can include yogurt with live cultures and fermented vegetables like sauerkraut. But to maximize effectiveness, it’s essential that dog-specific probiotics be used – human probiotics may not work due to lacking the species-specific microbiome of dogs; dog-specific probiotics contain bacteria able to survive the digestive tract and thrive within your pup’s stomach – the label will display how many colony forming units or CFU are contained within each serving of product.

Alpha Dog Nutrition’s Balance Probiotic is an exceptional, high-quality supplement packed with multiple strains of beneficial bacteria to support your pup’s overall wellbeing. These include lactic acid bacteria which aid digestion and Saccharomyces boulardii which reduce diarrhea while increasing immunity – easily added into their daily regimen thanks to powder form which can be mixed into their food!

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Scientific research supports the ingredients in this supplement as safe and effective solutions to address your dog’s GI issues. The formula includes porcine plasma, deglycyrrhized licorice root powder and marshmallow root powder; all proven to reduce inflammation. Plus it includes beneficial probiotics as well as Saccharomyces boulardii yeast which cannot be killed by antibiotics thus helping avoid antibiotic-associated diarrhea in your dog.

This veterinarian-recommended dog gut health supplement is made with premium, all natural ingredients. These include probiotics to maintain proper gut flora as well as chicory root as a prebiotic that feeds those probiotics, digestive enzymes and fish oil to relieve stress and anxiety – providing your dog with this supplement will ensure they feel their best from within!

By BobJ

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