What Would Dogs Ask on Quora?

By BobJ Jun23,2024
Quora Dog
Quora Dog

Ran across this and wanted to share:

  • The dog next door sniffed my ass. Does she like me?
  • What are the best life hacks for getting under the backyard fence?
  • Why do cats think they’re better than me?
  • I accidentally took a dump in the house. What’s the best way to hide it from my human?
  • I accidentally ripped up the rug. Should I apologise? Hide? Help!
  • I’m 16 years old. I’ve had 4 surgeries. I often forget where I am. And last week I fouled the carpet. Is it too late for me to learn new tricks?
  • I heard my human call another human a ‘dirty dog’. Is that racist?
  • 10,000 house cats vs. 1,000 stray dogs. Who would win?
  • What’s a good trick to get my human to give me more food?
  • Is it possible to get a pillow pregnant?



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By BobJ

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