Taking Care of Your Dog at a Boarding Facility

By BobJ May12,2023

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Dogs form deep bonds with their humans, making it hard for most pet owners to leave them behind even for short periods. Boarding facilities offer the ideal solution: caring animal lovers provide daily feedings, walks, exercise sessions and play time in a structured daily schedule for each boarding pet – and provide interaction opportunities with other animals such as other canines that could benefit some pets.

When leaving your dog at boarding facility, try to remain as calm and cheerful as possible. Your pup is more likely to become distressed if he senses any anxiety from you regarding his being in an unfamiliar environment. In the days leading up to departure, spend as much time with your pup so he feels secure; this will make it easier for both of you to drop him off without anxiety.

Before taking your pet to a boarding facility, contact them and inquire about their policies and requirements. Some locations may restrict bringing along bedding or toys from home; therefore it’s wise to inquire ahead. Also keep an updated list of vaccinations on hand.

Before leaving your pet at a boarding facility, conduct a site visit and meet the staff members. Take note of how staff interacts with dogs and cats; pay special attention if your pup appears happy, clean, and well cared for. During this visit, discuss his needs or any special dietary restrictions with staff members; they may want to separate him from other animals, for instance.

As part of your visit, ask about their cleaning procedures and whether any harmful chemicals are used in their cleaning products. Inquire as to their daily schedule as well as the number of pets they care for at one time. If your pup suffers from separation anxiety, try having him experience a trial stay to familiarise themselves with his new schedule and environment before embarking on longer stays there.

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Once your site visit is over, you should be able to select an ideal boarding facility for your pet. If unsure, recommendations from friends, family, veterinarians and groomers can often provide useful insight. Alternatively, look for facilities which belong to IBPSA as these members adhere to high standards of cleanliness and safety when housing client pets.

By BobJ

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