What’s Dog Boarding?

By BobJ May28,2023

whats dog boarding

Dog and cat boarding refers to leaving your animal(s) behind while you’re away, whether in facilities or the home of a sitter. Before selecting which option best meets your needs, make sure you do your research. Ideally, plan a site visit of potential facilities or petsitters – this is particularly helpful for animals with separation anxiety who can easily be stressed in new places.

At first, it’s wise to seek advice from trusted sources such as your veterinarian, friends and groomers. Once you have several good options in mind, be sure to do a little more research by reading online reviews before making your reservation decision. Many kennels and boarders offer free site visits to help ensure the perfect environment for your pup while quotes may also provide useful insight.

When selecting a dog boarding facility, look for amenities that can make their stay comfortable and fun – such as spacious indoor play areas with relaxing ambience, massage therapists on site to pamper your pup, bark parks and extra services such as these. Furthermore, outdoor space must also be plentiful to allow dogs to run freely and play.

Based on your individual preferences, another option for dog boarding might be vet offices or animal hospitals. Such places usually keep staff present throughout the daytime hours so your dog will likely feel more at home than with facilities that only employ employees after dark. Some pet owners feel more secure leaving their animals with experts trained and experienced in veterinary medicine; though this might prove more expensive.

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An alternative option for choosing a private dog sitter may be finding someone you trust – you can do this by getting references from previous clients, meeting up in advance for a Meet & Greet, and using online platforms such as Rover to connect pet parents with potential sitters.

No matter the option you select for boarding your pet, it’s crucial they receive adequate vaccinations before entering. Your veterinarian may require that they receive current distemper, parvo and bordetella shots; additionally it would be wise to get heartworm testing performed and get parasite screening for heartworm, fleas ticks or other parasites that might infiltrate. Finally, ensure your animal has up-to-date rabies vaccination to protect them against other animals boarding facilities or in sitter’s homes

By BobJ

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