Finding a Dog Care Center Near Me

By BobJ May10,2023

dog care center near me

Assuming you work away from home, finding someone trustworthy enough to care for your dog may be challenging. While you may not be able to afford round-the-clock pet care services, there are facilities offering dog boarding, daycare and grooming services which offer quality pet care at an affordable cost. These facilities will take time getting to know each dog they care for before providing plenty of outdoor space so your canine friend can run and play freely throughout their visit.

Animal Loving Care operates 24/7 in Brooklyn and offers grooming, boarding, and daycare services for dogs. Their facility features indoor and outdoor space where pups can play freely together based on size, personality, energy level, etc. A trial day costs $10 while full or half day packages are also available – please click here to visit their website and learn more.

Chasing Tails in Brooklyn, is a daycare center dedicated to giving every dog the happiness of living a full and enriched life. Their staff works to tailor each playroom specifically to each dog’s personality and energy levels; full day daycare costs $43, while half day is $30; more information about them can be found here.

Paws In Chelsea was one of New York City’s first pet hotels, established in 1993 with the philosophy of social dog boarding. Since then, their daycare and boarding service provide your pup with all of the interaction he or she needs to stay healthy – with large facilities and friendly staff dedicated to giving your furry pal the best care while you are away. A trial day of daycare costs $20; full and half day packages are also available.

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At NYC Pet Services, they take great pride in being reliable and reputable service providers for both pets and owners alike. Operating under their full license and insurance cover is their fully-licensed facility offering grooming, boarding, training, walking and event services for any size pet imaginable. In addition, membership options available such as one that gives discounts off vet services as well as other pet care needs are also provided by them.

If you cannot afford the expense of vet care for your pet in one lump sum, explore financing options. Many veterinarians have arrangements with credit companies such as CareCredit that help their clients pay for services at no interest-free repayment period. You could also check if local veterinary colleges provide low-cost clinics. CareCredit can be used for anything from routine visits and emergency surgeries and treatments – making it a fantastic solution for many people and their pets!

By BobJ

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