How to Care For an Abandoned Dog

By BobJ Jun 26, 2022
how to care for an abandoned doghow to care for an abandoned dog

It is always a good idea to contact local animal control authorities if you encounter an abandoned dog. Depending on your jurisdiction, animal control might not be present where you live, so you should call animal control first. Then, you should observe the dog’s body language for signs of fear or aggression. Cowering, hiding, growling, and showing teeth are signs of fear. When possible, you can even give it treats to entice it to come to you.

how to care for an abandoned dog


If you find an abandoned dog, it is likely that it is hungry. You should offer it some water and a small amount of food. It is best to feed it bland food and avoid feeding it anything too rich as this can upset its stomach. In addition to food, make sure to provide it with a soft blanket. Once the dog is

Remember that an animal in distress may be scared or dangerous.  If you cannot find the owner, you can call the authorities. should exercise caution when approaching an animal, even if you think it is cute and cuddly. Always call animal rescue if you suspect the animal is in distress and needs help. You should also offer to play with the dog while its owner is away. However, if you are unable to approach the animal, you must contact local authorities and give it food and water.

By BobJ

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