how to care for a shelter doghow to care for a shelter dog

how to care for a shelter dog

If you’ve decided to adopt a shelter dog, you should know what to expect from your new friend. The first thing to do is to follow the basic dog training principles. Shelter dogs need consistent training, just like new puppies. It’s crucial to reinforce these training rules and stick to them. For this, you’ll need to observe your dog closely and pay attention to when it eliminates and eats.

Introduce the dog to the rest of the family and to other dogs. If you’re adopting a first dog, introducing it on a leash will minimize stress for your new friend. Have a pair of leashes and introduce them. Try to avoid making a sudden appearance, and make sure that both dogs are happy and comfortable in the new environment. In addition, learn about the dog’s behavior and past.

Identify the needs of the dog’s new owner. Many shelters have staff available to answer any questions you may have. Ask about the dog’s temperament and whether it is housebroken. If the dog doesn’t have any previous problems, the shelter staff should be able to help you determine whether it will be happy in your household. They can also give you tips on how to care for the dog. ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society have a wealth of information on caring for shelter dogs.

When bringing the new dog home, walk the property with the dog. Check for any possible escape routes. Make sure there are no holes in the fence or other places where the dog can get out. Make sure to close any gates, as well as keep a regular schedule. As a weekend warrior, you should take the dog for a walk with you in the neighborhood, and try to mimic the routine that your new dog has grown accustomed to. Different dogs will react differently to different situations, so make sure to follow the dog’s cues.

You should protect the dog’s feeding area from kids. Disinfect the bowls before you leave with the new pup. In case you notice any signs of chewing, you can purchase Bitter Apple. Bitter Apple is a bad tasting substance that you can spray on electrical cords and furniture legs. By following these tips, you can effectively care for a shelter dog and enjoy the company of your new friend.

Once you’ve adopted a dog from a shelter, it’s important to understand the dog’s background and how it got there. Shelter dogs may have had a rough life, and they may have issues with fear, but positive reinforcement training techniques can help you overcome their fear. If your dog chews on things around the house, you should use bitter apple or vinegar to discourage him. If he does get too destructive, you can also purchase an indestructible chew toy for him to play with.

If you plan on adopting more than one pet, introduce them one at a time. Introduce each animal individually, and make sure to supervise them during this time. It will take a couple of weeks for them to bond, and you may have to baby-gate certain rooms to prevent any mishaps. For the first couple of weeks, introduce the new dog slowly and reward your existing pet for good behavior. After that, you can gradually introduce the new dog to other animals and pets without supervision.

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