Zak George – Find a Dog Trainer Who is Right For You and Your Dog

By BobJ May7,2023

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Dog training is an integral part of dog ownership. It takes patience, old-fashioned know-how and lots of love and trust between pet and owner. Once these three elements come together, obedience often follows suit.

There are countless dog trainers out there with different methods for training pets, and while certain techniques may work well with some animals they might not work so well with others. It’s essential that you find one whose methods you feel comfortable working with, and the following tips will help you find one who fits both you and your canine’s needs.

Zak George has become a popular dog trainer on YouTube. His videos cover everything from basic skills to advanced tricks and behavior issues such as reactivity, leash pulling and aggression in pets. He uses positive-reinforcement training methods and places emphasis on open communication between humans and dogs while teaching owners why their dog exhibits certain behaviors so they can better address these problems themselves.

Although some might question his training methods, most dog owners seem to support and enjoy his content. He currently boasts over 10 Million subscribers on YouTube! His videos are easy to follow and offer useful advice for every dog owner.

He also published several books covering various aspects of dog ownership and training, ranging from choosing a breed of pup to housetraining basics to common behavioral problems like jumping and leash pulling. Furthermore, these books also contain advice for traveling with your pup as well as practical tips that are invaluable for new dog owners.

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One of the primary criticisms leveled against George’s training method is its reliance on alpha roles to teach dogs obedience. While some trainers employ this strategy, George believes it isn’t ideal and any approach that relies on treating your canine like an alpha is bound to fail from day one.

George covers all the essentials of puppy and dog training in his book, Dog Training Revolution. He details positive reinforcement training methods to teach your pup while outlining necessary steps for training your canine companion. Chewy gives his book four stars out of five; other trainers recommend it too, along with step-by-step guides tailored specifically for your canine’s individual needs – making this book perfect for new pet parents as well as anyone hoping to become a more effective trainer! It makes an ideal read!

By BobJ

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