Dog Health Certificate For Travel Requirements

By BobJ May7,2023

dog health certificate for travel

No matter where you travel with your pet, regulations must be observed. A dog health certificate for travel is a federal document which ensures your pet meets certain criteria to travel safely – usually by having an examination and vaccinations that are up-to-date; however, different countries often have unique regulations, which could include quarantine periods, blood testing procedures, special vaccines or treatments, etc.

If traveling by air with your pet, nearly all airlines require that a health certificate is submitted prior to travel. Timeliness of health certificate issues varies by airline; we advise checking with them as soon as you know of travel plans and completing any additional forms necessary.

For travel within the United States, a current Rabies vaccination and exam by a USDA-accredited veterinarian (such as Bonnie Brae) certifying your pet to be free from communicable diseases should meet most requirements for travel within this country. You should always double-check with individual airlines as some may impose additional specifications such as an ISO compliant microchip or Rabies boosters to be administered before embarking.

Traveling internationally will require that your pet undergoes an in-depth health exam and obtain up-to-date vaccinations, in addition to Rabies vaccine. In addition to Rabies vaccinations, additional vaccines may be necessary such as distemper and parvovirus vaccines as well as those to protect against hepatitis and leptospirosis, plus heartworm preventative such as Heartguard. Each country will have different requirements that need to be researched prior to departure date.

Requirements may include receiving a second Rabies vaccination, conducting diagnostic blood work, quarantining your pet for up to 21 days prior to entering the country and possibly spending at least some time in a quarantine facility before finally being allowed in. It is wise to begin planning early as this process can be lengthy and complex.

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Our veterinarians are experienced in helping pet parents navigate the requirements for each country they travel to with their pet. We will assist in identifying which vaccinations and tests are required, before providing all of the documents needed for travel. At our office, we take great care in making sure all information on the document is correct and up-to-date, in addition to filling out any paperwork necessary for entry into a country’s territory. Once your paperwork is in order, it will be submitted for endorsement by a USDA-accredited veterinarian prior to flying with your pet. If you have any inquiries about international paperwork for travel with your pet, don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can ensure a smooth experience – either via our website or telephone numbers – we look forward to serving you!

By BobJ

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