Why is My Dog Sitting Like a Human?

By BobJ May26,2023

dog sitting like human

Sometimes dogs will attempt to mimic human behaviour in order to gain the attention of their owners, which can be frustrating; it is important to remember there could be an underlying reason behind their actions.

Though it may appear strange or bizarre, dogs will sometimes sit like people out of natural curiosity and exploration of their environment. Dogs quickly pick up on the habits and interactions between owners and surroundings and are quick to follow the leader!

When they appear territorial or possessive of their home or those living within it, it may be an indicator that they feel territorial or possessive of them and should take steps to assert their dominance with training in order to reassert their dominance over it.

Your dog could also be sitting like a human because they are feeling affectionate and wanting to cuddle close. Studies show that domesticated dogs produce higher amounts of the hormone Oxytocin, which promotes feelings of love between domesticated pets and humans, leading to affectionate displays like sitting up on humans and rubbing against them.

Note that some dogs take on human-like positions to alleviate back or hip stress. This position provides support for their lumbar region and centers their chest where most of their weight is carried. This posture may also provide relief from pain associated with hip dysplasia.

Some dogs take this posture to stay cool and comfy when laying down, or to avoid drafts. Laying on the floor might feel more accommodating or you could also be trying to prevent drafts by doing this.

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Other times, your dog could be taking this position because they are feeling nervous or fearful – whether due to other animals in their environment, loud noises such as fireworks or thunder or any combination thereof. In such instances, it is important that you consult with a veterinarian who can examine your pet for signs of illness or injury that could be the source of their unease behavior.

Some dogs engage in this behavior simply because it amuses them and they enjoy receiving attention from their owners in this way. Unfortunately, however, this often means they continue doing it even when their owners begin getting annoyed – they know it will eventually bring more attention their way, even if that means continuing it until eventually someone intervenes or you begin punishing your dog for it. It would be best not to punish your pup just because he/she may be engaging in it for entertainment value or medical issues rather than punish them as punishment could exacerbate such behavior or give a warning against doing it all together – this would only serve to further make sure a future attempt will succeed with success!

By BobJ

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