Dog Training Knoxville TN

By BobJ May9,2023

dog training knoxville tn

Dog training Knoxville Tennessee can be an invaluable tool in aiding pet owners dealing with difficult issues like pulling on the leash, barking, or aggression towards people and other dogs. In addition to correcting behavioral problems, training also gives owners greater insight into their dog’s needs as well as new commands that make daily living with your pup simpler. Training should aim to make a positive difference in quality of life both for dogs and their owners and can take place either online or face-to-face.

As part of your research when selecting a trainer, it is essential that you carefully consider both your goals for training your dog and how much time and resources you have available for training. No matter whether it be online or in-person training programs, make sure the trainer selected is certified and experienced; reading reviews online or asking friends and neighbors can be useful in finding suitable candidates; additionally it would be wise to visit their facility first in order to see their training facilities as well as meet them before making your choice.

Top Notch Canine was established in 2018 and serves the greater Knoxville area from their location in Sevierville, Tennessee. Their team specializes in obedience and puppy skills training as well as behavior issues using techniques such as treats, clickers and e-collars.

This personalized training program is intended to assist clients in addressing issues with their dog or puppy such as pulling on the leash, barking, chewing and aggression with other animals or people. Sessions between owner and their pet take place one-on-one; after completion of each training session a detailed report of its results and an action plan are provided as preventative measures against future relapses.

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Kym holds a BA in Psychology, is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and has over 22 years of experience working with dogs as professional dog trainer and coach for their owners. Additionally, she provides assistance through Maddie’s Fund Behavioral Support Group and Nashville Safe Coalition networks as a resource provider to pet families, rescue organizations and overcrowded animal intake facilities.

Instinct Nashville is a boutique training facility that specializes in customized obedience and behavior modification programs, using professional animal behaviorist trainers with extensive backgrounds in human and canine learning. Their trainers stand out among others because of their distinctive combination of skills and experiences; police service dog training is just one example among many. Furthermore, Instinct has assisted with inmate training at Davidson County Male Correctional Facility so they can work with rescue dogs as well as being the former trainer for Bonaparte’s Retreat (owned by Emmylou Harris) when training them was required for these positions.

Tennessee-based training company Pet Academy specializes in teaching basic obedience to pets through 4-week classes, board-and-train programs, in-home training sessions and reward-based methods of training that cater to different breeds and age groups. No matter which program you select for your pet’s training needs, rest assured that he or she will receive quality care as they receive training to become well-mannered family members.

By BobJ

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