Finding Dog Behavior Trainers Near Me

By BobJ May28,2023

dog behavior trainers near me

An intelligently trained dog makes for an outstanding companion and training is often seen as one of the key ways to teach it life skills such as obedience commands and social graces that will ensure they live healthy lives. Finding an appropriate trainer is also important; someone who shares your philosophy and goals for your pup is important as is someone with experience working with similar breeds of dogs as well as expertise in animal behavior can provide the best results – particularly with regard to problem behaviors.

Look for a trainer who emphasizes positive reinforcement, such as rewarding-based techniques. Negative or forceful techniques such as punishment-based training should be avoided at all costs, while certified by a reputable organization and experienced with handling specific canine behavior issues should also be prioritized.

Some trainers offer classes as an addition to one-on-one training, which may be ideal for more complex issues like separation anxiety or aggression in dogs. When selecting your trainer, look for options that fit with your schedule such as evening or weekend sessions; get quotes and read reviews so as to narrow your choices down further.

Instinct Dog Behavior & Training offers both group and private obedience classes as well as in-home training services for on-leash aggression, crate training, tricks training, desensitization to city sounds and trick training programs. In partnership with Playground Pups they also host a day camp that emphasizes obedience while socializing pups to new behaviors.

Kilmarnock, Virginia-based dog obedience school offers both obedience and behavioral training in group settings. Their trainers host over 12 group training sessions each month – basic obedience class and wallflower/shy dog class are two such offerings; private in-home training services as well as specialty courses like overcoming separation anxiety or greeting new people in public are also offered.

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Yuruani Olguin believes that dogs do communicate, but only with those who know how to listen. She is committed to educating pet parents on canine communication and behavior so they can build stronger relationships with their pets. Yuruani has earned praise for her patience and expertise when dealing with issues of reactivity or confidence building from clients who have come into her practice for consultation services.

This New York City dog training center offers an extensive variety of obedience and behavior training services for dogs of all breeds and sizes, such as crate training and housebreaking services; basic and advanced obedience instruction; canine confidence building courses; reactivity modification services and more. Day Training also provides in-home sessions designed for busy pet parents – three weekly visits while you work or run errands, designed specifically to be the ideal solution for you and your pup! Pet parents often contribute to unwanted behavior by unknowingly reinforcing it, so this trainer educates clients on how to correct their dog’s bad habits without using harsh or punitive approaches. This includes identifying what triggers the behavior, interrupting it when necessary and using positive reinforcement as opposed to punishment to reinforce more desirable actions instead.

By BobJ

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