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By BobJ May31,2023

dog training youtube

YouTube can be an invaluable source for dog training information. From puppy lessons to professional advice, there are plenty of videos out there offering assistance on this topic. Some channels even provide advice for more complex behavioral issues like aggression and fearfulness – plus details on how you can train your pup for service work or travel!

One of the most acclaimed YouTube dog training channels, Training Positive is one of the go-to choices for many dog owners. Their trainers specialize in using science and art combined in their training process to understand why dogs do what they do before tailoring techniques specifically to each animal’s needs.

SF Dog Training is another fantastic YouTube channel dedicated to dog training, run by professional dog trainers who offer tips for all breeds of dog. Their positive reinforcement training methods make the training enjoyable for both owner and pup! Plus they have lots of videos featuring adorable pet dogs sure to put a smile on any viewer’s face!

BrightDog Academy trainers possess extensive knowledge of dog behavior and are adept at explaining complex concepts like behavior modification in a manner easily understandable by novices. Furthermore, BrightDog Academy provides numerous training techniques such as clicker training, reward-based training and animal-assisted therapy that are available.

Valli Fraser-Celin created her YouTube dog training channel after adopting Husk, a husky mix puppy. After struggling with Husk’s wild behaviors – such as stealing food off of counters and barking at strangers – she watched some YouTube videos to learn about using an electronic collar (e-collar), which delivers small shocks when misbehaving puppies are detected. While results were inconsistent but eventually she found herself feeling disappointed with it.

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SMART DOG TRAINING YouTube channel is another fantastic resource for any dog owner, offering videos that cover everything from basic obedience commands to more advanced behaviors and tricks. Their videos are easy to follow and offer helpful advice from highly knowledgeable trainers who possess years of experience in this area.

Some dog training youtube channels only provide a handful of videos at a time while others boast extensive library. Deciding which is the right channel for you depends on your personal preferences and information needs; others even feature live sessions where trainers allow participants to interact and ask questions – this can be great way to learn from a professional but can’t attend an in-person class; unfortunately though some channels charge fees or don’t provide sufficient answers when questions arise.

By BobJ

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