Things to Consider When Hiring a Dog Care Overnight Service

By BobJ May13,2023

dog care overnight

Pets are beloved members of our families and it can be heartbreaking to part ways even for just a short period. While some might enlist family or friend’s assistance in taking care of their animal overnight, others might turn to professional dog boarding services or professional dog sitting for overnight boarding services. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting home boarding facilities or professional sitters so that your pet will be well taken care of overnight.

How Much Exercise Will My Pet Get? One of the key factors in whether or not your dog will sleep through the night is how tired they are during the day. A good pet sitter should make sure your pup receives adequate physical activity throughout their day so when bedtime rolls around they are relaxed and ready for restful slumber – especially important if your puppy or dog is used to sleeping next to its owners regularly.

Keep in mind that your dog must adjust to a new routine upon their return from boarding, too. They may become overexcited at seeing you again and jump right in to his or her favorite spot on the sofa or bed immediately – this is perfectly natural, so gradually introduce short periods of being left alone daily, starting with thirty minutes at first and building up over time to several hours over several days.

Your Pet Sitter Will Need Access To Your House

It is critical that the sitter you hire for overnight pet-sitting accesses a space of their own when watching your pup. Without access to a separate house for them to stay, this could prove dangerous for both you and your pup; dogs may become stressed and anxious in unfamiliar environments and thus interfere with sleep quality – as well as make it more challenging for the sitter who may struggle to relax after spending so much time watching an anxious and excited dog!

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Home boarding allows your pet to feel secure by keeping them in the familiar surroundings they slept in every night; in-home sitters should explain exactly where and how your pet will sleep during his/her visit.

As well as understanding how long your dog should remain at a boarding facility, it is also crucial that you understand its expectations regarding how often and for how long. Some facilities only need your dog for half an hour each day while other can accommodate longer stays. You’ll want to ensure the facility can communicate with both yourself and your pet easily as well as give enough exercise and affection during their stay.

By BobJ

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