Preparing Your Home for Dog Care

By BobJ May8,2023

dog care in home

Pet parents need to know they can trust their dogs with someone reliable when leaving for vacation or work, such as friends or family, doggie daycare centers, camps or boarding facilities. Prepping the home and your pup ahead of time makes it easier for caretakers to meet all their needs and make your pet comfortable.

Pet owners should have conversations with friends and family to determine who would be willing to assume the responsibility of watching their pup during an extended absence from them. Professional pet sitting services also exist, which pair owners up with people nearby who can watch over their animals at either their own homes or at pet resorts; some services even arrange to have the pet sitter travel directly to visit owners when necessary.

As part of your preparations for pet sitting services, remove toys that could pose choking hazards and remove all trash or toxic products that your dog might be drawn to chew on. A quiet place for him/her to rest such as a training crate/bed with fresh bedding such as blankets/pillows should also be considered, making sure it’s free from drafts while being regularly washed to avoid illness.

Establish a feeding routine for your pup and give him or her plenty of water throughout the day, to maintain bone, joint and muscle health. Regular exercise also serves to enhance mental stimulation while relieving boredom.

Be a positive role model and use training techniques that are safe and rewarding for both yourself and the animal when playing with your dog. Pets are sensitive to how people act; therefore it’s crucial that humans treat them with kindness.

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If your pet requires special medical needs such as medications or food allergies, make sure all information and instructions are shared with their pet sitter. Leave notes on the kitchen counter or table as reminders so their needs will be taken care of while you’re gone.

Communication skills are crucial in any profession involving both people and animals, but particularly true for pet care workers. Listening and understanding the instructions from owner is critical; communicating back to animal what needs to happen next must also be top of mind.

Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is an invaluable ability that will enable you to become an exceptional caregiver for pets, just as they are part of your family. Make sure your pets are with trustworthy caregivers who share the same level of commitment.

By BobJ

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