How to Keep Your Dog Health Eyes Healthy

By BobJ Apr8,2023

Eyes are essential to your dog’s overall wellbeing. Not only do they protect them from harm, but also alert you to other medical issues that might not be apparent at first glance. So it’s essential that you keep them healthy and consult your vet if any eye issues become evident.

How to Tell If Your Dog Has an Eye Problem

A red eye is one of the most common warning signs that something is wrong with your pup’s vision. This could be from something as simple as an allergy, corneal ulcers, chronic dry eye issues, tumors or more serious conditions.

It’s essential to bring your pup to the vet immediately if he experiences any of these issues. Your veterinarian can diagnose and treat the issue, plus provide advice about keeping his eyes healthy in between appointments.

How to Examine Your Dog’s Eyes

Your pup’s eyes should appear bright, shiny and clear with no tearing, crust or discharge. To check for cataracts, shine a light into their eyes and watch the area in front of the pupils; if one pupil appears different in size than another it could indicate cataracts and necessitate seeing your vet.

Additionally, if your dog’s eyes appear cloudy or yellowish white, this could be indicative of an underlying issue. These could be signs of glaucoma, which if left untreated can cause permanent damage to both retina and optic nerves.

Treating Your Dog’s Eyes

In many cases, eye problems can be treated at home by administering an over-the-counter human saline eye wash or drops directly into your pup’s eyes and gently rinsing them out. If you can’t locate a human saline eye wash, speak to your vet about getting a medicated rinse for dogs instead.

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You can also try applying ointment to the inside of your dog’s lower lid. Create a pocket in the lining and apply the ointment there; this helps the ointment spread evenly in her eyes without hitting her head when she moves.

Preventing eye diseases in your pet requires providing them with a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients like taurine, zinc and cysteine. Zinc helps improve night vision while cysteine and taurine support proper retina function.

Eye health is an integral component of your dog’s overall wellbeing, so it’s essential to keep them in excellent condition so they can enjoy a long and contented life with you. Just like with all aspects of pet health care, it’s essential to take them in regularly for regular check-ups.

By BobJ

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