Keeping Your Dog Healthy Eyes

By BobJ May9,2023

dog health eyes

Dog eyes function just like our own in that they allow light into the room while also focusing on objects close by or far away, sending continuous images directly to their brain so your pup can interact with his environment.

Eye health is an integral component of your dog’s overall wellness and should be regularly maintained to ensure optimal function. A daily clean using a safe wipe along with trimming of any excess hair around his eyes will go a long way toward keeping his vision healthy, while feeding him a diet rich in essential nutrients will go further toward protecting against common vision problems such as dry eye, cataracts and macular degeneration.

If your dog displays signs of eye trouble, it is imperative that he visits his veterinarian promptly. Many symptoms that people can experience also manifest themselves in animals; such as red eyes, visible third eyelids, squinting and excessive blinking as well as thick sticky discharge from their eyes. Other indicators to watch out for may include pupils that change diameter significantly or eyes that appear clouded over as well as foreign bodies found inside his/her eye.

As your dog ages, their eyesight naturally becomes less acute. Therefore, providing proper care and feeding of their eyes through appropriate nutrition is paramount in safeguarding their vision throughout their senior years. In addition to feeding high-quality commercial diets, adding antioxidant supplements such as those provided by Nutrition Strength’s multi-vitamin eye health formula for dogs provides extra protection from free radical damage in the eyes; our multivitamin includes lutein and zeaxanthin for light processing capabilities as well as green tea extract to combat free radical damage caused by free radical damage as part of its comprehensive eye health formula for senior dogs.

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Remembering the key difference between healthy dogs and happy dogs can also be challenging, so spend plenty of time gazing into those beautiful expressive eyes of your beloved pet. According to studies, staring into their eyes increases oxytocin, or “the love hormone”, levels, which has been proven to boost positive feelings and promote well-being in you both.

Eye care should be an integral component of your dog’s overall wellness regime, so make an appointment with the vet regularly to keep his or her teeth, gums, heart, joints and other elements in optimal condition. Nutrition Strength’s Eye Health Supplement for Dogs with Lutein, Bilberry Fruit, Grape Seed & Green Tea Extract can provide additional assistance for eye health promotion by adding powerful eye-enhancing antioxidants like Lutein, Bilberry Fruit Grape Seed & Green Tea Extract into their commercial diet and can prevent conditions like macular degeneration, cataracts retinal disorders while simultaneously increasing energy and immune systems! What could possibly go wrong?

By BobJ

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