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By BobJ May29,2023

dog training near me

Dog training is key to providing your pup with a happy, healthy life. Not only will it strengthen relationships between owner and pup, but it will help curb undesirable behaviors like barking, pulling on leash, chewing furniture chewing or inappropriate jumping. Dog trainers offer classes both online and at in-person locations with different price points and options to meet any lifestyle – you can find local trainers using Bark, an easy service that provides quotes and reviews so you can select the most appropriate trainer for your pup’s needs.

An experienced dog trainer can teach your pup basic obedience skills and manners as well as advanced tricks, such as how to behave in public spaces like restaurants and dog parks. In addition, they may address specific issues like food aggression, fearfulness or anxiety and reactivity to other dogs, people and objects. At School for the Dogs they employ “creative and modern training methods” with positive results available both through group classes held at their facility in East Village as well as private in-home training all across Manhattan.

New York City can be an overwhelming environment for dogs. Between strangers asking to pet them and the constant noise pollution, finding a trainer you trust to ensure your pup has proper street etiquette is key to handling life in the city. School for the Dogs trainers specialize in training dogs who exhibit signs of reactivity, aggression or separation anxiety as well as helping train your pup to become a psychiatric service dog.

Kathy Santo and her team’s goal is to bring out the best in your dog by providing top-tier education and training services. Through positive reinforcement in a relaxed environment, Kathy teaches her clients to communicate effectively with their canine companion. Individual sessions as well as group classes such as puppy socialization, leash aggression prevention and desensitization to noises are available.

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While dog training typically occurs at the trainer’s facility, Shelby Semel from The Peaceful Dog prefers training sessions to occur at pet owners’ homes instead. They believe that dogs feel most at ease in their own environments, making it more likely for them to cooperate during training sessions and build trust between pet parent and pup during this approach. It can even solve more challenging issues than working through classes alone!

Yuruani Olguin is a professional dog trainer offering group and private sessions, as well as specialty programs like puppy training for new babies and therapy dog preparation. Additionally, she works with local rescues to address behavioral problems like fearfulness or aggression that make adoptable rescues less adoptable; Yuruani emphasizes building strong relationships between people and their animal companions to encourage change without force.

By BobJ

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