What Can a Dog Health Tracker Do For You?

By BobJ May16,2023

dog health tracker

Dogs are man’s best friends and possess an undeniable bond between themselves and humans. But like us humans, dogs too experience health issues which can sometimes make it hard to know if everything is okay with your furry pal. A health tracker for your pup can be an invaluable way to monitor any changes in behavior and notify you as soon as they need medical attention, giving you peace of mind knowing your furry friend is healthy all of the time.

These devices can help you monitor your dog’s calorie consumption and burn, food consumption and sleep patterns, as well as dehydration levels. Some models also enable you to record any medications your pet takes with an app that tracks any signs of illness he or she might experience. Some devices even feature a daily health index which shows you how recent activity and rest periods compare to normal.

Many pet trackers feature GPS capabilities that can provide real-time location updates of your pup. Some will even alert you if their companion has gone missing or is at risk – perfect if hiking or camping with them!

Some pet trackers provide owners with the ability to connect directly with veterinarians, enabling them to discuss any concerns or issues their animal is experiencing without needing to visit a clinic in person. This feature is especially convenient for owners living far away from nearby facilities.

Most pet trackers feature the capability of keeping records of your pets’ medical history and storing it securely online via password-protected databases, which can then be shared with any other pet parent or veterinary professional, such as dog walkers or groomers.

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Some pet trackers feature features to monitor body fat and BMI for your pup, informing you if he/she is overweight or obese. Other trackers monitor his/her blood pressure readings and will notify you if there is an unexpected spike.

Pet trackers also include features known as “body condition score”, which will help determine if your dog is in peak physical shape by looking at both his/her weight and appearance from all sides. Veterinarians increasingly recommend doing this alongside checking weight on a scale.

By BobJ

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