Cost of Obtaining a Dog Health Certificate for Travel

By BobJ Apr22,2023

dog health certificate for travel cost

An accredited veterinarian must issue a health certificate to your pet before travel is permitted, either within or beyond the United States. This document ensures they meet certain health criteria prior to being permitted to travel. This may be required if travelling internationally as well.

Costs associated with obtaining a health certificate for your dog depend on its destination and any applicable requirements, with some countries having stringent or time-consuming rules in place, so it’s essential that you conduct adequate research into how much it would cost prior to making travel plans.

Before your canine can obtain its travel certificate, preliminary veterinary requirements such as microchipping, vaccinations and bloodwork may need to be fulfilled first. These can cost between $50 and $200.

Final Vet Exams

In order to obtain your pet’s travel certificate, they must first be examined by a certified and licensed veterinarian who will ensure they are free of parasites and in good health, in addition to verifying all current vaccinations have been given as scheduled.

Additional Treatments

Your destination country may require additional treatments that need to be administered by a veterinarian at specific times before your health certificate can be approved; this may necessitate multiple trips and longer waiting times after treatment for some treatments.

Shipping Charges

Each country has unique laws and regulations regarding exporting pets abroad. Before gathering documents to ship your animal abroad, be sure to conduct all required research to make sure all procedures have been undertaken as stipulated by law.

Driving Expenses

One of the more costly expenses involved with getting your pet their health certificate are transportation expenses incurred when transporting them from home to their destination veterinarian and back. These can include driving costs as well as board costs while they’re being shipped.

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Many countries require that pets are vaccinated against rabies before traveling overseas, typically through your vet but it can also be purchased locally in your destination country.

USDA Endorsement Fee

When your dog travels abroad, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) charges an endorsement fee which typically starts at around $38 USD per certificate endorsed. Please consult their website for details.

As part of this process, you must send a copy of the health certificate to the USDA office in your local area so they may endorse it. Note: There may be an administrative fee associated with this service so always refer to their website for details regarding pricing.

Country-Specific Requirements

Every country has different rules and regulations when it comes to traveling with pets. While some might have no health requirements whatsoever, others might specify specific vaccines or exams your pet must have prior to traveling abroad.

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By BobJ

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