Can I Get Worms from My Dog?

You’ve probably asked yourself: Can I get worms from my dog?

If you’ve never had a dog before, you may be surprised by how easily you can catch worms.

Roundworms are the most common parasitic worm in dogs and almost all dogs get them as puppies. There are many ways to contract roundworms, but the most important way to get rid of them is to regularly bathe your dog and thoroughly wash your hands after handling their feces.

Dogs and cats can both carry worms. These can be seen in vomit and stool, and your dog may also have a reduced appetite and weight loss. It’s possible to see blood in your dog’s stool and vomit, though the symptoms for humans are different. If you suspect your dog or cat has worms, consult your vet immediately. Some treatments are available to cure worm infections, but you should avoid consuming meat, milk, eggs, or cheese.


The easiest way to recognize worms in your dog is to inspect the fecal matter.

Tapeworms are a type of roundworm that are segmented and break off into small segments in the feces.

These segments are actually packets of tapeworm eggs. Your dog will probably be dragging its bottom around the floor while scooting.

If you see a white rice-like segment in your dog’s feces, it is likely that your dog has tapeworms.


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