A Dog Care Centre Near Me

By BobJ Apr2,2023

dog care centre near me

If you are taking a vacation or out of town, or simply want to ensure your dog receives proper attention when you’re gone, there are plenty of pet care centres near you that can provide the necessary level of care.

At their location, they offer pet boarding, daycare, grooming and training services with the philosophy that dogs are members of your family and should be given the utmost respect.

Your Spoiled Pets

Recently, home furnishing brand Joybird conducted a survey to learn the spoiling habits of 1,000 pet owners across America. The results revealed that Maryland residents are the most indulgent when it comes to their fur babies, followed by residents in Utah and West Virginia.

The survey also revealed that Americans were showing their pets a lot of love through more intensive practices around pampering them, with over 80% throwing at least one birthday party for their pup and 62% dedicating time to maintaining social media accounts for them. These dedicated pet parents understand the best way to express your devotion is by doing extra things like taking long leash walks, training, grooming or playing games – Your Spoiled Pets ensures all their pups get all the love they deserve.

Chasing Tails

Chasing Tails is a local dog care centre that specializes in training service dogs. These trained canines assist people with disabilities such as balance issues or tremors to lead more independent lifestyles. Furthermore, these companionship and alerts to potential health hazards like hearing ringing phones or alarms provide companionship for your four-legged friend. The owners at this pet care centre take great pride in making sure each dog receives loving attention and treatment; they even offer group dog walks for those wanting their pup to socialize more with others.

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Happy Dogs Daycare

If you want to leave your pup in the hands of people who truly care, Happy Dogs Daycare is an excellent option. They provide daycare, overnight boarding and grooming services.

They offer training and a full range of services to keep your dog contented, healthy, and entertained. Their state-of-the-art security system and nightly observation guarantee your pet’s safety during their stay.

At Happy Dogs, your pup will get plenty of socialization and interaction with other dogs. They’re separated based on temperament and size so they’ll be playing with dogs who share similar interests. Plus, Happy Dogs send regular pics and videos throughout their day so you can stay updated. Vaccinations/Records Needed: No vaccinations necessary

By BobJ

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