5 Dog Care Apps That Can Help You Take Care of Your Dog

By BobJ Mar3,2023
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When it comes to caring for your pet, a dog care app can be a lifesaver. It can help you keep track of vet appointments, medications, vaccines, and more.

Some of these apps can also be used to monitor your pet’s fitness, such as Whistle or Fit Bark. Others, like Tractive, offer GPS tracking to help you find your pet when they’re away from home.

Vet Tracker

If you own a dog, it’s important to take care of their health. Keeping track of their vaccinations, diet, and exercise routine is crucial for their well-being.

A pet care app can help you stay on top of your furry friend’s health, which can help you save money in the long run. These apps also allow you to track your dog’s progress over time and alert you if they are experiencing any issues.

Vet Tracker is a great option for anyone looking to keep track of their pet’s health and wellness. The app helps you track their appointments, medications, and vaccinations, and keeps all of their medical records in one place.

PatchPets – Dog Social Network

A new app has emerged in the shape of PatchPets, which is designed to help dogs find playmates. The app is free to download and allows owners to create a profile for their dog.

With PatchPets, you can also upload images and videos of your dog. These are then shared with the community, making it easier to find friends and arrange play dates.

Pet owners are often a very social bunch, so a dog care app like PatchPets can be a great way to meet other people who love their pets as much as you do.

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On PatchPets, you can make plans to meet up with friends at the local park or at a dog-friendly business. You can also share your pictures with others, and chat with people who are as passionate about their dogs as you are.

Pet Marketplace

Pet Marketplace is a live pet finder app where you can buy, sell, and adopt pets. The app allows you to locate pets up for adoption, search by location, and filter by species.

It also offers a pet care app that makes it easy to track your dog or cat’s vital dates, like vet visits and medications. Users can create customized profiles that include important data and reminders to help them stay on top of their pet’s routine.

It also enables you to connect with pet walkers and pet sitters who can help you with your daily activities. It includes GPS tracking, which lets you know the whereabouts of your pet and your walker in real-time.


FitBark is a dog care app that monitors your pet’s health and activity. It uses a GPS collar to collect data and send it to your mobile device.

The app tracks your dog’s rest, activity, play time, nocturnal sleep score, overall health index, calorie burn, and distance traveled. It also provides you with a detailed report about your dog’s behavior and stress levels.

You can set activity goals for your dog, which are called BarkPoints. They come in three categories: average, active, and olympian.


Petco is a popular pet supply chain that added value to its brand by creating an app for dog parents to use when they need help with their furry friends. The free service allows users to ask vets, trainers, and other experts questions about their pets’ health.

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The app is incredibly useful, offering direct answers from verified veterinarians and trainers. It’s one of the best apps for asking questions about your pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior.

By BobJ

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