How to Use a Dog Training Clicker

By BobJ Jun4,2023
clicker training
clicker training

A clicker training clicker is an invaluable tool for capturing your dog’s behavior at precisely the moment that it does what you expect it to. This method is particularly effective at capturing behaviors that come in short bursts or at distance; such as teaching your pup to tilt its head a certain way on command or remain still when guests arrive at your doorstep – clicker training is an invaluable way of reinforcing these behaviors so they become habits over time.

There are various clickers available, and it’s up to you to determine which type is the most appropriate for your situation. Most trainers prefer metal button clickers; however, others find plastic versions more convenient or effective. They come in various colors so that you can find something suitable to your style and budget. A high quality clicker should be easy for both hearing and pressing; consider purchasing one with a wristband so it stays attached while freeing your hands for other activities; alternatively some models offer suppressed buttons for dogs to press more easily when training them with dogs than using regular clickers alone.

Before using a clicker with your dog, it’s essential that they understand its significance to you – often known as “loading”. To “load” a clicker, start by holding a treat in one hand while pressing the clicker with another, pressing with one finger from each hand, until your pup turns to look at you upon hearing its sound; immediately reward them when he responds to this click. Over time increase how long it is between treat holding and clicking until press.

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Your clicker should also be used with marker words like “Yes!” or “Good,” and reinforce each time it’s said by treating every time it comes up. Consistency is key: make the click sound at exactly the same time each time a reward comes its way so your pup learns it always means good things will follow.

As you continue practicing with your clicker, you’ll discover its effectiveness for training more efficiently. It is far quicker than using verbal praise or treats alone to correct your dog and allows more precise timing of rewards – this makes teaching complex behaviors like sitting before eating or waiting for you after being outside simpler.

Use a clicker to train simple behaviors that occur naturally, like sitting when asked or lying down on their mats. Clicker training is also a fantastic technique for shaping behaviors by building up to them gradually – for example, start by rewarding every time your dog glances in your direction when asked to sit before gradually increasing eye contact with a click and treat – until eventually they look directly in your eyes before rewarding them!

By BobJ

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