How to Take Care of Dog During Pregnancy

By BobJ Jun 29, 2022
how to take care of dog during pregnancyhow to take care of dog during pregnancy

Pregnant dogs need extra energy and strength to carry their pups. Regular walks and exercise sessions are beneficial in preparing them for delivery. Walks are short, low-intensity activities that your dog will likely enjoy.

However, do not exercise your dog too much, as she will tire easily. Aim for at least three to five short walks per day. Also, avoid rigorous activities such as running or jumping; this may stress your dog and cause bumps to the pups.

Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of attention during her pregnancy. Dogs in pregnancy need a lot of special care. Often, pregnant dogs will exhibit behavioral changes that are similar to depression. Be prepared to take your dog to the veterinarian to make sure that the pregnancy is not affecting her overall health. Besides, you should avoid intensive training, obedience schooling, and showing. A boisterous dog may injure its fetus.

how to take care of dog during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural part of your dog’s life. Your dog will have changes in appetite, weight, and behavior as the growing pups take up more space in her abdomen. However, these changes will not be evident for several weeks after mating. If your dog is pregnant, your vet can conduct a prenatal checkup, prescribe medications, and identify any parasites that may be causing your dog’s discomfort. Ultrasound imaging can help you identify the size and location of the pups. It is safe for your dog to undergo this test, as it uses sound waves to create an image of the pups.


By BobJ

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