How to Keep Puppy From Chewing Up Furniture

By BobJ Aug11,2022
how to keep puppy from chewing up furniture
how to keep puppy from chewing up furniture

If you’ve ever wondered how to stop puppies from chewing up your furniture or your favorite chair, you’ve come to the right place. Puppy’s chewing habits can be challenging to control, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent your dog from chewing up your furniture. Providing safe chew toys and a room for your puppy to get exercise are just a few tips to help you keep your puppy from chewing up your stuff.

The first step is to identify what is causing the destructive chewing. When your puppy is teething, it’s natural for him to chew things, such as furniture, to help him feel satisfied. Instead of chewing on your couch, consider giving him a toy to chew on. This will keep him busy and relieve his teething pain while also providing a safe and interesting object to chew on. However, you should avoid using negative punishments, since this could only make your puppy chew worse.

If your puppy has access to the entire house, consider limiting his access to specific rooms. If you have a laundry hamper or a cluttered bedroom, keep him away from those areas until he outgrows this stage of chewing. With training and proper management, your pup will grow out of this stage and can have full household access. You might need to consider buying a dog gate to prevent your puppy from chewing up your furniture.

Keeping your puppy busy with play will help them focus on his toys and prevent him from chewing on the things that shouldn’t be chewed up. If your puppy is bored or stressed, you can distract him by giving him a squeaky toy or bone to chew. Then, praise him for chewing his toys and bones. Another effective way to keep puppies from chewing up your furniture is to freeze a washcloth in the freezer for an hour or so. Then, you can give him a washcloth to chew on and it will soothe his gums.

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Another effective way to prevent your puppy from chewing up your furniture is to remove temptations from the room. Keep valuable objects out of reach, including furniture and clothing. Also, put your laundry in a closed hamper, and keep books and children’s toys out of reach. By doing so, your puppy will associate the punishment with the behavior at that moment. When your puppy starts chewing the furniture, try to redirect him to the proper chew toy to help him relax and calm down.

While chewing is normal for puppies, it’s also harmful and destructive. Incorrectly chewed objects can cause choking hazards, block the intestines, or break into sharp pieces. However, chewing is a normal part of the teething process. Many dogs also chew as a means of releasing pent-up energy and easing stress. Regardless of the cause, your puppy’s behavior can be a problem, and it’s time to take action.


By BobJ

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