How to Deal With the Puppy Biting Stage

By BobJ Aug 11, 2022 #dogs
how to deal with the puppy biting stagehow to deal with the puppy biting stage

Regardless of whether or not your puppy is a natural-born biter, you must learn how to deal with the bites at this early stage. If you notice your puppy biting you, the problem is more likely to be a result of a temper tantrum than anything else. Fortunately, you can quickly deal with this problem by following a few simple steps. In this article, we’ll cover how to deal with your pup’s teething issues.

First, stop the chewing. When your puppy is teething, you may be tempted to play tug of war with it. However, this may only over-excite the puppy and make it harder to calm it down. It is best to give a firm “NO BITE!” command whenever the puppy starts biting you or a toy. Try to avoid tugging and wrestling with your puppy, as this can lead to biting.

puppy biting stage

In addition to chew toys, make sure your puppy has plenty of chewing materials. This is an important step in teaching your puppy appropriate chewing behavior. Puppy chewing is natural, and the chewing stage will pass. As your puppy grows, you can use chew toys to calm him down. Just remember to always supervise your dog while he is unsupervised. Otherwise, he or she will get frustrated and try to gnaw on the objects.

While biting is a natural part of the puppy development, it is a phase that will last between five and nine months from birth. During this time, consistency and clear feedback are critical to the development of your puppy. Use a low footstool or chair to practice training, since puppies get excited when you are at their level. You should not scold your puppy if it isolates itself in fear of a reaction.

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During the first eight weeks of life, your puppy is learning how to moderately bite during play. As with humans, they have strong jaws that are built to tear flesh and crush bones. A typical eight-week-old puppy can crush a bone the size of your finger. Still, your puppy’s mouth is still large enough for him to have fun with you, but it is still a normal part of the puppy biting stage.

By 15 weeks of age, your puppy should be trained and obeying basic commands. To help your puppy through the puppy biting stage, you can attend a dog training class. A training class is a great way to start teaching your puppy basic obedience commands and prevent biting later. The puppy biting stage is short-lived. Most dogs stop biting by six months. Just remember to use firm and consistent communication during this time to avoid escalating the problem.


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