How Much Does Dog Training Cost?

By BobJ May29,2023

how much dog training cost

If you’re having difficulty teaching your dog basic obedience skills, managing behavioral issues, or simply getting them to come when called, professional dog training might be just what’s needed. Dog training classes offer great solutions but can be costly. So what factors influence costs associated with dog training sessions?

Prices of private one-on-one dog training vary based on your trainer’s experience, credentials, and location. Trainers in major cities such as NYC may charge more due to higher living expenses; those holding titles in specific canine sports or disciplines will likely charge even more than non-titled trainers.

An additional factor affecting the cost of dog training is its type and purpose. For instance, service dogs require more intensive and specialized instruction; such pups are trained to perform tasks that assist their disabled owner such as fetching objects for people and monitoring blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, or providing emotional support during a PTSD episode. Training these canines usually costs approximately $120 an hour on average.

No matter what level of obedience training or behavior modification is necessary for your pup, many trainers offer packages that reduce hourly rates to help budget your finances in advance. Many even allow clients to bring their pup directly to them rather than forcing them to drive out to their facility – further cutting down your costs!

Group dog training sessions are another popular choice among pet owners, and prices for these classes typically range from less than $100 for six-week puppy programs to as much as $600 for an advanced obedience course that includes crate training, teaching your pet how to respond to commands, improving communication with them and other advanced obedience lessons. Some classes even aim to target specific behaviors such as aggression and anxiety.

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Many pet owners struggle with training their own pet and turn to board-and-train programs as a solution. While these programs take care of training for you while you work and play with your pet during the day, this form of dog training has proven controversial and may include abusive tactics that aren’t in their best interest.

Overall, how much you pay for dog training will depend on their unique situation and type of training required. Research your options carefully and hire an experienced trainer with proven track records; this will ensure you receive maximum value from your training dollars while teaching your pup to behave as desired! Good luck on your training adventures!

By BobJ

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