How a Dog Car Harness Can Make Car Rides More Pleasant

By BobJ Jun5,2023
How a Dog Car Harness Can Make Car Rides More PleasantHow a Dog Car Harness Can Make Car Rides More Pleasant

Dogs tend to love car rides – they represent fun opportunities like going to the park, visiting friends or being taken to the vet – and can quickly come running to greet you with big grins when their keys jingle! But if your pooch becomes anxious in the car or is afraid of its confines a crash-tested dog harness can make their ride much less anxious for both of you!

Instead of being vulnerable to chewing through, dog car harnesses utilize your vehicle’s seat belt system to safely restrain your pup and prevent sudden stops or crashes from turning them into projectiles. Some models allow you to adjust the harness length and size so it fits comfortably against your dog’s body without exerting undue strain on their necks. An ideal dog car harness should be made of sturdy materials with high-grade metal buckles that won’t break under heavy strain, featuring features like padded chest plates, cushioning to prevent chafing and stitching that won’t rip or tear easily. Furthermore, consider choosing one that can also double as regular walking harness for added flexibility on the road.

When selecting a car harness for your pup, it’s essential that you consider both their size and breed as well as the car in which they will ride. Small dogs may fit easily in almost any space while larger breeds may need something snugger and securer for their safety. If your dog tends to try and escape their harness during car rides, try getting one specially designed for dog use that attaches directly to rear headrests – this option could also work great if your older canine has difficulty relaxing in front of a front seat harness or crates!

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At our crash-tested dog harness reviews, several featured multiple connection points for optimal safety. This design helps disperse impact forces over a larger area instead of being concentrated into one point during a crash, and could also help your pup remain safe in case of a rollover incident.

PetSafe’s Happy Ride Safety Harness offers the most cost-effective solution. Its minimalistic design mimics that of a seat belt and its built-in clip allows easy attachment. Furthermore, there are multiple adjustment points to provide a snug and secure fit – although some users found its tether too short.

VavoPaw Universal Backseat Harness is another economical solution, featuring an adaptable connection system that lets you use either a standard safety harness or dog tether with your car’s headrest or latch bar attachment points. While it hasn’t been crash tested, this harness does provide good protection and should work with most vehicles; plus there’s also a 90 day money back guarantee and 90 day size guarantees; some customers reported issues with sizing and their dogs tangling in straps when first used.

By BobJ

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