Finding the Right Dog Care For Vacation

By BobJ May19,2023

dog care for vacation

As soon as you begin planning a vacation, one of your first thoughts should be how you’ll care for your pup. From day trips to local parks or weekend getaways to longer stays away from home, finding reliable care providers is key to having a relaxing break – both for you and your furry companion!

Making the decision to leave your pup behind is no small decision, and you need to ensure their wellbeing while you are gone. Luckily, there are numerous solutions available to you in order to find an ideal home for them.

Short Vacations

From relaxing by the seashore to visiting that tourist attraction you have always wanted to experience, short vacations are usually very low-key events for dogs. Absent separation anxiety issues or other major stresses, being away for several days should not pose too many issues or stressors if you return often and spend quality time together.

For these trips, it’s usually easy to enlist the assistance of trusted friends or family to dog-sit your pup during stressful times. If this option is unavailable to you, professional pet sitters may also provide services; just ensure they provide references and perform an extensive background check prior to hiring them.

Whenever hiring someone to look after your dog, be sure to discuss their plan with him or her and set up an area where he or she will stay while you’re gone. Provide food, water, toys and any other necessary supplies while leaving a note with any instructions or important details for their care.

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Long Vacations

Anything longer than three days is likely to have more of an effect on your pup, and most owners begin feeling concerned about finding care for him/her while on holiday. In an ideal world, someone close by and familiar with them could care for your dog in their home; otherwise you could search online reviews to locate a kennel that can provide care with online monitoring throughout your trip.

At D is for Doggy, you can book your pup a room with their team of caring professionals. There are group rooms, private crate-free sleeping spaces and even webcam access so that you can check in during your vacation! Their facility has sound-insulated walls, adjustable lighting and an overnight system designed to ensure each dog gets enough restful restful rest to flourish – plus complimentary outdoor relief walks to reduce anxiety while away from you!

By BobJ

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