Embark Dog DNA Test – Breed and Health Kit

By BobJ Aug10,2022 #life stories
embark dog dna test breed and health kit
embark dog dna test breed and health kit

An Embark dog DNA test can tell you if your pet has any genetic health risks. With this test, you can determine if your dog is at risk for 35+ different physical traits. The results can be provided in two to four weeks. Many owners are able to make changes to their dogs’ care after receiving test results. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this test and how it can help you care for your pet.

The Embark Breed and Health Kit is designed to teach dog owners about their dog’s breed and ancestry. Its features include a “world’s only canine relative finder” that helps owners trace their dog’s blood lineage. Embark’s technology uses over 200,000 genetic markets and over 30,000 DNA experts to provide accurate results.embark dog dna test breed ampampamp health kit

Embark Veterinary, Inc. is a company devoted to the discovery of genetic health. This DNA test was developed by veterinarians and geneticists to offer valuable information on your dog’s breed and ancestry. The results are shared with your veterinarian so that they can make the best possible treatment decisions for your pet. The Embark Dog DNA Test is the most accurate dog DNA kit on the market.

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