Dog Care Tips For Your Vacation

By BobJ Jun8,2023
Dog Care Tips For Your VacationDog Care Tips For Your Vacation

When taking a vacation, be it just for a weekend at the beach or to finally visit an attraction on your bucket list, leaving behind your pet can be stressful. Luckily, there are various dog care services that will make the transition more manageable and will allow your furry friend to feel at ease while away from home.

Hired professional pet sitters is an effective way to ensure that your pup remains safe while you’re gone. There are local and national licensed, insured, background checked and bonded sitters who offer their services – they will visit your house regularly to feed, play with and bathe your animal as necessary; some even take them on walks/to the park! Some even provide video chat so you can keep tabs on them while away!

If you don’t have access to professional pet sitters, ask family and friends who love your cat or dog to come by and feed and play with him while you’re gone. This option tends to be less costly and more convenient; visitors can come directly to your house! Ensure anyone you bring into your home knows how best to take care of your animal by giving instructions and showing any equipment (crate, leash, litter box etc).

Boarding your pet at an authorized facility is another option, though this can be more costly than using in-home care. Boarding could also be stressful for your animal if they’re unfamiliar with being boarded; anxiety or aggression could arise in an unfamiliar environment. Some boarding facilities even provide play time between dogs so yours can get some exercise during his/her stay at the kennels!

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On vacation, it is wise to limit their table scrap consumption in order to reduce the chance of illness while you are gone. Furthermore, bring along regular dog food from home rather than purchasing more at your destination – this will save money and time by helping ensure your pup receives what he or she prefers!

No matter which option you select, make sure you do your homework. Read reviews, request references, and establish whether the person or business has an established track record in providing quality care to pets. Only you know what will make your furry companion happy and healthy during their absence! Spend your vacation feeling secure that their wellbeing will be guaranteed!

By BobJ

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