Dog Behavior in Heat

By BobJ May19,2023

dog behavior in heat

Dog behavior during heat cycles varies significantly among breeds, from affectionate and clingy to more irritable or even aggressive behaviors. No matter how your pup acts during this time, however, it’s important to remain alert for any health-related changes and watch for any sudden demeanor shifts. If any significant shift occurs within her behavior patterns, schedule a checkup immediately so as to make sure she remains in optimal health and does not experience physical or emotional discomfort during her cycle.

Feline dogs typically go through two or three heat cycles each year, depending on breed and age. When in heat, female dogs release hormones signalling male dogs that she is fertile and available for mating; it is therefore vitally important that your female be spayed or neutered in order to prevent having puppies.

Proestrus stage of heat cycle typically lasts 7 to 10 days and is characterized by swelling of the vulvae and bloody discharge from your female dog’s cervix. She will become more open and flirtatious towards male dogs as she prepares for estrus; showing her rear or waving her tail to signal them that she welcomes their interest may help indicate this stage.

Your dog will begin her estrus phase of her cycle when her ovaries start releasing eggs for fertilization and flirtatious behaviors between males remain prominent, such as frequent licking/sniffing her vulva area and excessive tail wagging/body movement, along with any aggressive behaviors toward males.

Once the estrus period ends, your dog’s vulvae will shrink down and any bleeding should stop; this phase of her cycle, known as diestrus phase can last anywhere between 10-14 days; during this period either pregnancy could occur or she could simply rest and recover from having gone through her cycle.

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While your dog is in heat, it is wise to limit her contact with other dogs and humans (especially intact male dogs), especially intact male dogs. Constricting her to your house or safe enclosure will prevent her from escaping to find a mate; for outdoor yards with multiple fences surrounding them make sure all gates are closed to stop them wandering into areas where there may be dogs she could mat with another.

If you don’t have a place for your dog to stay when she’s in heat, ask a friend or neighbor with a fenced yard if they would be willing to board her during this period. Otherwise, inquire with your veterinarian as many offer special boarding services for female dogs in heat. These facilities have the knowledge and equipment needed to manage dog interactions during proestrus and estrus phases as well as prevent unwanted matings between packs of female dogs in heat. They also offer outlets to release pent-up energy such as puzzle toys or chew-resistant bones to reduce clingy behavior while helping burn off excess energy while helping reduce clingy behavior by giving appropriate outlets like puzzle toys or chew-resistant bones which help her release excess energy before mating occurs.

By BobJ

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