Choosing the Right Dog Health Insurance Plans

By BobJ Mar31,2023

dog health insurance plans

Getting dog insurance is the ideal way to help cover some of your pet’s medical costs in case they get sick or injured. But it’s essential that you select a policy that works for both you and your pup.

Before purchasing a plan, it’s wise to assess the company’s reputation for customer service and speedy claims processing. Furthermore, search for plans with affordable premiums.


Health insurance for dogs is an essential way to keep them happy and healthy. Not only does it cover vet costs, but some plans provide coverage for emergency situations as well as alternative therapies like acupuncture.

Some policies provide coverage for annual checkups, vaccinations, and dental care. It is important to understand what your policy covers before enrolling in it.

The ideal dog health insurance plan will offer comprehensive coverage, a low deductible and competitive reimbursement rates. This way, you won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses ever again.

Wagmo offers a selection of accident and illness plans tailored to meet the needs of your pet. These include the Major Medical plan, which covers emergency situations as well as catastrophic conditions.


Selecting the correct deductible is an integral component of selecting the ideal pet insurance plan for your furry friend. This amount must be paid before your insurer begins to reimburse you for veterinary bills.

Deductibles for emergency care can range anywhere from $50 to $1,000 or more, though most fall between $100 and $250. Your choice of deductible depends on your budget, the breed of your pet, and how much risk you’re willing to take when it comes to emergency medical costs.

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Some plans offer lifetime deductibles, which reduce your deductible each year that goes without filing a claim for illness or injury. This makes it easier to prevent an out-of-pocket expense for your pet.

There are also annual deductibles that apply annually. This allows for reimbursement of a higher percentage of your pet’s vet bills, which can be especially beneficial for older animals or those with chronic health conditions.

Waiting periods

A waiting period is an integral component of pet insurance coverage. It helps prevent new policyholders from delaying enrollment until their pet becomes sick or injured, potentially leading to claims for veterinary expenses that occurred before the policyholder enrolled.

Many dog health insurance plans, such as Embrace and Healthy Paws, offer waiting periods. These can range from two days for accidents and 14 days for illnesses to six months for orthopedic conditions.

Generally, the longer a waiting period is, the costlier insurance for your pup. However, some companies will waive this requirement if your vet signs off on it within the first 30 days of coverage.

When comparing pet insurance quotes, two other elements to consider are deductibles and reimbursement percentages. A deductible is the amount of out-of-pocket expenses you must pay before coverage kicks in; reimbursement percentages indicate how much of your pet’s medical bills the insurance company will reimburse.

Pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing conditions refer to illnesses, diseases, injuries or changes to your pet’s health that occurred before you enrolled in coverage or during its waiting period.

Insurance companies categorize pre-existing conditions as either curable or incurable, which affects how much a dog insurance policy will cover. While many insurers exclude incurable pre-existing conditions, some provide a 12-month exclusion period for curable ones.

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As such, it’s ideal to enroll in a pet insurance plan as soon as possible. Doing so will give you peace of mind should an unexpected medical crisis arise.

Disclosure of pre-existing conditions when taking out a policy will help avoid denial of coverage. Your insurer may also adjust your premiums and coverage based on the risk associated with the condition.

By BobJ

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