Choosing a Dog Daycare

By BobJ Jun6,2023
Choosing a Dog Daycare
Choosing a Dog Daycare

For long hours of work or just needing a break from caring for your furry family member, dog daycare is an ideal solution. Not only does it give your pooch lots of love and attention; but it also provides much-needed socialization and exercise. Dog daycare services range from individuals looking after dogs in their own home to professional businesses with multiple locations that also provide grooming, boarding, transportation services.

Finding the appropriate daycare for your pup requires taking an honest appraisal of his or her personality and needs. For instance, does your pup tire easily or become distressed from too much activity? In that instance, an in-home daycare may be better; others thrive in busy environments and relish being around other dogs. You should also take into account his size; larger dogs may find it challenging fitting into smaller playgroups that are limited in terms of energy level or play style.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, visit each location to observe how the dogs and staff interact. Reputable doggie daycares should be happy to answer your questions about operations as well as provide tours of their facilities; some even allow virtual tours through webcams or videos and photos; in-person visits may not be permitted during operating hours due to increased stress in group environments caused by new people coming and going;

As you tour the facility, pay particular attention to safety and cleanliness. Check that toys and equipment are well-kept; ask if there are separate areas for dogs of different sizes; also inquire if there are any special requirements your pup must fulfill for participation (ie: up-to-date vaccinations); additionally see if there is an agreement with any nearby veterinarians for non-emergency vet visits.

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If you are planning on opening your own dog daycare, conduct careful market research to gauge pricing structures of similar facilities in your area and make sure your fees fall in the right range. Be sure to justify any price increases with additional services or a loyalty program that offers discounted rates to return customers. Consider offering pre-paid packages that allow pet parents to book multiple days at discounted rates. Dog City NYC allows clients to purchase pre-paid Playgroup packages of three, four and five days of daycare per week for their Playgroup packages. In addition, Dog City provides other services including dog walking, boarding, training and transport as well as working with rescue groups for adoption purposes. They even have a printable Treatment Authorization Form available so pet owners can help make decisions regarding medical care in their absence.

By BobJ

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