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By BobJ Oct19,2023
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Why Small Dogs Make Great Companions

For those looking for a loyal and loving pet that doesn’t require much space, small dogs are an excellent choice. Not only are they adorable and easily portable, but small dogs also have several qualities that make them great companions.

Benefits of Having a Small Dog in Your Life

1.Affectionate: Small dogs are known for their loving nature. They thrive on attention and enjoy cuddling up with their owners, providing endless affection and companionship.

2.Low Maintenance: Smaller dogs generally require less exercise and have lower grooming needs compared to larger breeds. This makes them perfect for those with busy lifestyles or limited outdoor space.

3.Easy to Handle: Their small size makes them more manageable and easier to control during walks or travels. They are less likely to pull or strain on a leash, making them a popular choice for older adults or individuals with limited physical strength.

Characteristics of Calm Small Dogs

Not all small dogs have the same energy level, and some breeds are naturally calmer than others. Here are a few examples of small dog breeds known for their calm and gentle nature:

1.Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: These dogs are affectionate, patient, and great with families, making them an ideal choice for households with children.

2.Bichon Frise: Bichon Frises are friendly, cheerful, and adapt well to various living situations. They are known for their calm demeanor and love to be the center of attention.

3.Shih Tzu: Shih Tzus are known for their calm and gentle temperament. They are great family pets and love to be pampered.

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In conclusion, small dogs have many qualities that make them wonderful companions. Their affectionate nature, low maintenance requirements, and ease of handling make them a popular choice for individuals and families alike.



Are you looking for a small companion with a calm demeanor? Look no further! There are several small dog breeds that are known for their relaxed and easy-going nature. These breeds make great pets for individuals or families alike.

Popular Calm Small Dog Breeds

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a gentle and affectionate breed that thrives on human companionship. They are known for their calm and patient nature, making them ideal for families with children or senior owners. Their small size and adaptable temperament make them great apartment dogs.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are known for their laid-back personality and playful antics. Despite their small size, they are sturdy and adaptable. They are content to spend their days lounging around the house or going on leisurely walks. French Bulldogs are loyal and friendly, making them a popular choice for families and individuals looking for a calm small dog.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of a calm small dog breed, consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or the French Bulldog. With their relaxed demeanor and affectionate nature, they are sure to bring joy and tranquility to your home.


Tips for Keeping Your Small Dog Calm

Small dogs may be tiny in size, but they can have big personalities. It’s important to provide them with the care and attention they need to stay calm and happy. Here are some tips to help keep your small dog calm:

Proper Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Small dogs need regular exercise to release pent-up energy and prevent behavioral issues. Take your dog for daily walks or play with them in a secure area. Mental stimulation is equally important, so consider puzzle toys or training sessions that challenge their mind.

Creating a Peaceful Environment

Small dogs can be sensitive to their surroundings, so it’s important to create a peaceful environment for them. Provide a quiet and comfortable space where they can relax. Consider using calming aids like pheromone diffusers or classical music specifically designed for dogs to promote a sense of calm.

Remember to provide plenty of positive reinforcement and love to your small dog. Regular training sessions using positive reinforcement techniques can help build their confidence and keep them calm. Additionally, creating a routine can provide them with a sense of security and stability.

By following these tips, you can help keep your small dog calm and content, fostering a strong bond and overall well-being.


Training Techniques for Calmness

Implementing Positive Reinforcement

When it comes to training small dogs to be calm, positive reinforcement is a highly effective technique. Rewarding good behavior encourages them to repeat it, creating a calm and well-behaved canine companion. Here are a few tips:

  1. Use treats: Reward them with a small treat when they exhibit calm behavior, such as sitting quietly or lying down calmly.
  2. Praise and affection: Offer verbal praise and gentle petting when they remain calm and composed.
  3. Clicker training: Introduce a clicker as a signal for calm behavior and reward them with treats each time they hear the click.

Calmness Exercises for Small Dogs

In addition to positive reinforcement, incorporating calmness exercises into your small dog’s routine can be beneficial. Here are some exercises to try:

  1. Relaxation training: Teach your dog to relax on command by using soothing words and gentle touch.
  2. Impulse control: Practice exercises that focus on impulse control, such as waiting patiently for meals or toys.
  3. Desensitization: Gradually expose your dog to situations that may cause anxiety or excitement, slowly building their tolerance levels.

By implementing positive reinforcement training techniques and incorporating calmness exercises, you can help your small dog develop the skills to stay calm and composed in various situations, making them a joy to be around. Remember to be patient, consistent, and always reward their good behavior


Calm Small Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is known for its calm and gentle nature, making it an ideal choice for apartment living. This small breed is friendly and sociable, making it a great companion for individuals or families. They require minimal exercise and are content with indoor activities, making them a perfect fit for apartment dwellers.

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is another small dog breed that is well-suited for apartment living. These dogs are cheerful and affectionate, and they get along well with other pets and children. They have a calm and relaxed disposition and are easy to train. The Bichon Frise doesn’t require a lot of exercise, but they do enjoy daily walks and playtime.

These calm small dog breeds are wonderful companions for apartment dwellers. They provide love and companionship without needing a lot of space or exercise. If you’re looking for a small dog that is well-suited for apartment living, consider the Shih Tzu or Bichon Frise.


Calming Products for Small Dogs

When it comes to small dogs, finding ways to keep them calm and relaxed is essential for their well-being. If your furry friend tends to get anxious or stressed, there are several calming products available that can help. Here are two options to consider:

Calming Treats and Supplements

One effective way to promote calmness in small dogs is through the use of calming treats and supplements. These specially formulated treats and supplements contain ingredients that help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Look for ingredients like chamomile, valerian root, and L-theanine, which have calming properties. These products can be given daily or as needed, depending on your dog’s needs.

Relaxing Toys and Accessories

Another option to consider is using relaxing toys and accessories. There are toys available that incorporate soothing sounds or scents to help calm your small dog. These toys can provide a sense of comfort and security, especially during stressful situations like thunderstorms or fireworks. Additionally, there are accessories such as calming wraps or vests that apply gentle pressure to help alleviate anxiety.

By incorporating these calming products into your small dog’s routine, you can create a calming environment that promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Remember, every dog is unique, so it may take some trial and error to find the best solution for your furry friend. Consulting with your veterinarian can also provide valuable guidance in finding the right calming products for your small dog.

Dealing with Anxiety in Small Dogs

When it comes to our furry friends, it’s important to recognize and address any potential anxiety they may be experiencing. Small dogs, in particular, can be prone to anxiety due to their size and temperament. By understanding the symptoms and implementing strategies, you can help your little companion overcome their anxiety and live a happier, more relaxed life.

Identifying Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Excessive Barking and Whining: If your small dog is constantly barking or whining, it could be a sign of anxiety.
  2. Restlessness: Look for signs of your dog being unable to settle or constantly pacing.
  3. Aggression or Destructive Behavior: Anxious dogs may become aggressive towards people or objects, or exhibit destructive behaviors like chewing furniture or digging.

Strategies for Managing Small Dog Anxiety

  1. Provide a Safe Space: Create a cozy den-like area where your dog can retreat to when feeling anxious.
  2. Establish a Routine: Consistency and predictability can help alleviate anxiety. Stick to a regular feeding, exercise, and sleeping schedule.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: Reward calm behavior with treats and praise. This will reinforce positive associations and help reduce anxiety.
  4. Consider Medication or Natural Remedies: Consult with your veterinarian about medications or natural supplements that can help reduce anxiety in small dogs.

By recognizing the symptoms of anxiety and implementing these strategies, you can provide a calm and supportive environment for your small dog. Remember, patience and understanding are key in helping your furry friend overcome their anxiety and lead a happy, stress-free life.



When it comes to choosing a small dog with a calm temperament, there are plenty of options to consider. By understanding your lifestyle and the unique needs of different breeds, you can find the perfect companion that fits your preferences. Remember that calm small dogs still require regular exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization to be happy and healthy. Don’t believe the myths that small dogs are always hyper or aggressive. With proper training, socialization, and a nurturing environment, calm small dogs can bring joy, comfort, and companionship to your life. So, take the time to research and meet different breeds, and you’re bound to find a small dog that matches your personality and lifestyle. Get ready to enjoy the unconditional love and loyalty that a calm small dog can bring into your home.

By BobJ

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