Top 5 Dog Behavior Books

By BobJ May25,2023

dog behavior books

Behavioral problems are one of the leading reasons dogs end up in shelters, yet often preventable. These books explore why and how dogs act this way as well as providing effective veterinary-approved training methods that reduce undesirable behaviors.

This book is an indispensable reference for every dog owner. Written by an esteemed veterinarian and animal behaviorist, this comprehensive manual includes photos, explanations, step-by-step training techniques to teach basic commands such as “sit” and “down.” Plus it comes complete with three hours of video clips showing how the training works in real life! Based on cutting edge research yet accessible to dog owners without prior training experience.

Cesar Millan has gained worldwide fame through his popular National Geographic television show and this book details his use of modern, veterinary-approved positive training methods to get dogs to behave. From food aggression to barking at the door, Cesar covers it all while explaining discipline versus punishment issues as well as using pack instinct into training sessions and clicker training, context learning techniques, as well as offering breathing exercises for pet parents assisting them train their pups during stressful moments.

Graeme Hall is a best-selling author and television dog trainer who gained immense expertise from working on Channel 5 series ‘Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly”. In this book he addresses issues like unnecessary barking, difficult vet visits and greeting visitors calmly as well as practical advice for working with older or rescue dogs as well as how to interact with children around pets.

If you love watching CBS show Lucky Dog, this book should be part of your dog behavior library. It details Brandon McMillan’s training technique with unadoptable dogs on the show that uses positive reinforcement based training methods he is an advocate of treat-reward-based training methods; covering topics such as correcting behaviors, preventing fear and aggression as well as socialization benefits.

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This book is an indispensable guide for those living with fearful or anxious dogs. Written by a certified applied animal behaviorist, it offers solutions to defuse nervous hounds and address problem behaviors such as resource guarding and barking at doors. Furthermore, desensitization and counterconditioning must only be used on those dogs diagnosed as having fear-based responses by an accredited behaviorist or other professional.

Our researchers compared a range of dog behavior books in order to ascertain which ones had the most information on learning theory, an essential aspect of training your pup. Their researchers discovered that only half the books discussed learning theory thoroughly while only three–Millan and Peltier, Stilwell, and Monks of New Skete–explained both reinforcement and punishment methods (Millan and Peltier used ‘correction’ for some forms of positive punishment but reserved punishment for more harsh techniques such as jerking on leash or shaking).

By BobJ

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