How to Find the Best Dog Care Center for Your Dog

By BobJ May27,2023

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No matter if it is for work or vacation, your dog needs someone to keep an eye on them. Dog care centers provide them with a place where they can play with other pups, get plenty of exercise, and meet other humans who love them – however how do you select an optimal center to provide your furry pal with an atmosphere that fosters loving care, safety, and stimulation? Examining its policies and practices should give an answer.

Check the facility’s policies regarding injuries. While minor incidents, like minor paw pad scuffs and ear scratches are fairly typical of daycare settings, more serious ones like fractured paws and torn ligaments should not. Be sure that the staff at your prospective daycare has an action plan for dealing with such emergencies and are trained in first aid as well as veterinary care.

Check to ensure the facility has been certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC), an organization founded by industry leaders who hold members to high standards of safety, health, and care quality. PACCC-accredited daycares should have policies in place addressing everything from physical discipline techniques to sanitary conditions.

Choose a facility with both property and professional liability insurance policies in place. Commercial coverage extends to day-to-day operations, while professional liability covers unexpected incidents related to daycare services; for instance if one of your customers becomes injured while using them or an unplanned pipe burst causes damages elsewhere nearby businesses this insurance can protect from the potential liabilities resulting from this type of event.

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Find out if the daycare has the proper licensing, permits and insurance to operate as a business. Register it with local authorities as well as meet any specific health and safety requirements associated with operating a pet-related enterprise. Lastly, it is wise to ensure your business has both general medical coverage and dog-specific policies should a dog become sick or injured while under your care.

Careful market research will enable you to set and justify any price increases with services provided. Your pricing sets an immediate impression to potential customers, so take your time when setting prices with care.

By BobJ

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